SNH48’s Li Yuqi accused of plagiarising Super Junior’s “Islands”


8 Nov – Chinese pop idol Li Yuqi recently apologised for releasing a Chinese version of Super Junior’s “Islands” on a music platform without proper approval from the group.

As reported on ET Today, the issue first started in March, when the SNH48 member performed her version of the song at her birthday party. She later uploaded the song to the music platform, but without crediting the composer and putting her name as the lyricist instead of the original songwriter.

Her action had since received backlash from Super Junior fans who accused Li of plagiarising the K-pop group.

Following the backlash, Li posted her apology on Weibo, saying that she made a mistake of not doing the right thing of contacting the original singer.

“I really don’t know how to do it. When I uploaded it, I intended it as a cover, but Netease couldn’t find the song, so it was not labelled as such. I was only thinking about letting fans listen to the song, but not about other things. It was my mistake,” she wrote.

However, Li stressed that she wasn’t making money from releasing the song and didn’t even know how to do so.

“It is true that I am not fully aware about copyright rules and that this situation is caused by me. I am sorry,” she added.

(Photo Source: Le Yuqi Instagram)


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