"The story of Eve": we look at the Instagram diary of a girl who died in a concentration camp


Eva Hayman

Perhaps each of us knows that on Instagram you can sometimes spend more than one hour: accidentally bumping into curious photos, videos and articles, we often lose track of time. Just about one of these profiles, which caused unprecedented interest of the public and split it into two camps, today we will talk.

Let's imagine: what would happen if the girl during the Holocaust had the opportunity to lead Instagram? On International Day Against Fascism, Racism and Anti-Semitism, we talk about the Jewish girl Eva Heyman and the Instagram account Eva Stories based on her life.

Eva Hayman

Eva Heyman was born on February 13, 1931 into a Jewish family in the city of Nadvarad (modern name is Oradea) in Hungary. Her mother Agnes Zholt and father Bela Hayman divorced when she was very young (then her mother married again), and her maternal grandfather and grandfather, who owned a pharmacy, raised Eve.

Eva Hayman
Eva HaymanEva Hayman

The life of the girl became known thanks to her diary, which she began to write when she was 13 years old, in February 1944, and ended in late May, before she was taken to a concentration camp. She wrote about experiences characteristic of adolescents at her age, first love, her friends and … war.

I know Hungarian and German well, I forgot Romanian and start to speak good French. I do athletics, swimming, ice skating, cycling and exercise,

– she told about herself.

Eve's mom Hayman Agnes Zholt
Eve's mom Hayman Agnes ZholtEva Heyman's father Bela Heyman
Eva Heyman's father Bela Heyman

In March 1944, she reported that the Germans came to them and killed her close friend.

I don’t want them to kill me! I want to become a newspaper photographer, and when I am twenty-four years old, I will marry an Aryan Englishman, or maybe even Pista Wadas (Eve's lover. – Note ed.) I haven’t seen Pist since the Germans came, but I don’t even think about him, because since March 19, life has become terrifying,

– writes Eve.

The last entry in her diary is dated May 30, 1944.

My little diary, I don’t want to die, I still want to live, even if it means that only I stay behind this whole area. I would wait for the end of the war in the basement, or in the attic, or in any hole, I would, my little diary, I would even allow the cross-eyed gendarme who took the flour from us to kiss me, just not to be killed, only to stay alive!

– it says.

Eva Hayman
Eva Hayman

In early June, she ended up in Auschwitz, where she lived until October 17. The daughter’s diary accidentally fell into the hands of her mother, who managed to escape. She said that Eve died at the hands of the German doctor Joseph Mengele, who conducted medical experiments on prisoners of the concentration camp. After an unsuccessful attempt by a female doctor to hide Eve, Mengele discovered a girl who had severe wounds on her legs. Eve did not go through the so-called “selection” that the Nazis made, leaving only healthy Jews who could work alive.

Now look at yourself. You are a frog, your feet are dirty, smell of pus!

He said and sent her to the crematorium.

Instagram Eva Stories

The authors of the Instagram project Eva Stories, which is based on the story of Eva Heyman, were Israeli businessman Mati Kokhavi and his daughter Maya. They launched it on the National Day of Remembrance of Jews who were victims of Nazism during World War II (this year it fell on May 2).

Kochavi spent about five million dollars on creating an account. Filming took place in Ukraine and took about three weeks, several hundred people took part in them. The role of Eve was performed by the British actress Maya Quinney.

<img src = "http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/11/mariana/20191108-eva12.png” alt=”Maya Quinney as Eva Hayman” title=”Maya Quinney as Eva Hayman” width=”425″ height=”640″/>Maya Quinney as Eva Hayman

There are no posts on this Instagram, which 1.5 million people follow. It consists of stories, which are fixed in the "Actual" section. Although this project was created using all the latest Instagram features (emoticons, text marks, polls), it nevertheless perfectly conveys the atmosphere of those monstrous events.

What if the girl had Instagram during the Holocaust?

– says the official trailer of the project.

The first video is dated February 13th, just as Eve started keeping her diary. In the video, she talks about herself, her relatives, friends and says that one day she will become a famous reporter. In the next video, she, along with her friend Annie and cousin Martha, have fun carelessly and dance on the street until the Nazis approach them and take Martha away.

"I can't believe the soldiers were looking at us while we were dancing."

This is the angry man who sent my sister to Poland. How can people follow him?

– She comments on Hitler’s speeches.

The girl shows a boy named Pista Vadas, with whom she was in love, and conducts a survey with followers, asking them for an opinion if he will ever pay attention to her. Then she introduces the audience to her mother and stepfather, shows her father and tells that he is a big lover of women.

"Will you ever pay attention to me?"

"Mom Agi."<img src = "http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/11/mariana/20191108-eva16.png” alt=”Character of father Eve with his sweetheart.” title=”Character of father Eve with his sweetheart.” width=”425″ height=”640″/>Character of father Eve with his sweetheart."Annie says that we have to be very careful. They can do whatever they want with us. Nobody can protect us."

Despite the war, Eve looks at life with optimism – she loves to sing, dance and dreams of becoming a famous reporter.

In March, the girl says that they were occupied by the Nazis.

You are so happy that you cannot feel what terrible things are happening to us,

– says Eve.

"The Nazis occupied us."

Now they have to live according to the laws established by the Germans: walking only from 9 to 10 in the morning and wearing a yellow star on their clothes is a distinctive sign for Jews. The Nazis rob the houses in which Jews live, mock women and girls and keep the whole city in fear.

<img src = "http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/11/mariana/20191108-eva19.png” alt=”Maya Quinney as Eva Hayman” title=”Maya Quinney as Eva Hayman” width=”425″ height=”640″/>

"The Nazis are ravaging Annie's house.""Annie is now in the ghetto. Mom says that they drive all the Jews there. Soon they will come for us."

"These devils were in our house."

One of the most heartbreaking was the recording of Jewish expectation of the Nazis coming to the ghetto, as well as videos made there.

"Every time the doorbell rings … I feel almost happy. I know that they will take us to the ghetto, but I can no longer languish with expectation."

20 people lived in one small room and slept on the floor, being content with only a piece of bread and a plate of beans per day. At the same time, everyone, except Eva and her friend, worked, while they remained in the room alone and could not leave her without permission.

"There are 20 of us in a small room. We sleep on the floor.""What they do here with women … It would be better if I don't talk about it."

I don’t believe in anything else. All I know is that I want to live

– says Eva in one of the final commercials.

"I have not seen sunlight all day."

In the last stories, which are dated June, Eva takes pictures of how she and other Jews are taken to trains that go to concentration camps.

Public Opinions

Opinions of the public regarding this project were divided. While some Internet users thanked Kochavi for this project, others criticized him, saying that the format chosen by the creator of the project became disrespectful to the memory of the victims. However, he rightly noted that Instagram is the most understandable online platform for modern youth, which in this case has an educational function.

Little is known about the history of the Holocaust outside of Israel. Therefore, we decided to do something truly breakthrough. We took a diary and said: but let's imagine that instead of a pen and paper, Eve had a smartphone, and she photographed everything that happened to her,

– said the businessman.

"The Nazis walk from house to house. She come in and take what they want. I'm sure we are next."

His project was supported by celebrities: Gal Gadot and Sarah Silverman, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The fact that the project turned out to be rather successful and coped with its main task – conveyed to the viewer the terrible history of the Holocaust, is also evidenced by the large number of follower comments that they continue to leave in the Eva Stories account.

It’s a terrific idea to make everyone remember the history of the Holocaust,

Could not watch it without tears. Thank you for this very important story!

It came out very realistic and heartbreaking,

– thanks to Kochavi netizens.

"Now the whole family is back together. And I don't care, even if the war continues forever."


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