Wanted: Sea Salt Scrub and two more bestselling books by Christophe Robin


Wanted: Sea Salt Scrub and two more bestselling books by Christophe Robin

In 1999, the famous Parisian colorist Christoph Robin created his own brand of hair care products. At 24, he had already opened his first salon in Paris, was engaged in the development of a professional line for hair care and began to work with L'Oréal Paris. For almost two decades, stars such as Catherine Deneuve have trusted him with his hair, Natalie Portman, Tilda Swinton and many others. For his brand, Christoph selects only natural products, sometimes very rare and exotic, such as, for example, prickly pear seeds from Nepal, an extract of warm chestnut and inula flowers. Finally in Russia you can buy Christophe Robin funds. We talk about the three best sellers of the brand.

Christophe Robin (or “Roban”, as clients call him in French) began to study hairdressing at the age of 15 in a small salon in Bar-sur-Aub (a commune in the Champagne region of France). Then the salon manager Dominic told him:
You have to become a cool colorist, because there are already many wonderful hairdressers in the world!

Christoph Robin
Christoph Robin

She explained to Christoph that dyeing hair is inseparable from proper care for them. He worked in the salon for two years, and then, in 1985, he moved to Jean Louis David in Troyes.

I was only 18 years old when I moved to Paris to start working on an advertisement for the Jean-Louis-David showroom. One of the first star clients was Stephanie Seymour. She advised me El Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer, it was the beginning of an era of supermodels, trendsetters of the time. They changed their hairstyle and hair color to show new ones. The shade of hair has become a kind of accessory. And I was responsible for him, – the stylist recalled.

Christoph Robin

The problem was that sometimes they had to change their color up to four times a week – imagine how the hair was suffering ?! There was nothing on the market that would help me protect and preserve the colored curls, so I decided that I would first create such tools for my own use, He said.

The first problem Robin intended to solve was the creation of a product that would protect hair before applying paints, as well as gently clean them. So there was a cleansing mask with lemon – the first created formula with a low content of surfactants. Christoph was the first person to come up with the concept of co-shaving (washing hair with conditioner, without shampoo) long before this became a trend.

So, the first customers were supermodels, followed by actresses: Vanessa Paradis, Kristin Scott Thomas.
One day I received a call: "Hello, this is Catherine Deneuve." This day was a turning point in my career. When I was a child, posters with her portraits hung in my room. She said: “I saw Claudia Schiffer’s hairdo at a dinner party. My color doesn’t suit me, so I would like to make an appointment for you,” – said Christoph.

Since then (for already 20 years!) He became a personal colorist of the actress, it was he who was responsible for her impeccable blonde.

You won’t do perfect makeup if you don’t take care of the skin, the same with hair, – the stylist is convinced.

Catherine Deneuve and Christoph Robini
Catherine Deneuve and Christoph Robin

The laboratory he worked with from the very beginning was originally a skin care laboratory. Therefore, the products themselves were created primarily for the care of the scalp. Formulations with traditional herbal medicinal ingredients are also key to brand success.

I have always been inspired by nature. I myself am from the countryside. I studied recipes passed down from generation to generation that are known to work, He said.

So, we are talking about the three best sellers of the brand.

Revitalizing mask with prickly pear seed oil (6 390 rub.)

Christophe wanted to create a universal balm for skin and hair that would work wonders. And in 2014, after many years of development, he succeeded. A mask enriched with pure prickly pear seed oil is a salvation for dry and damaged hair. It contains shea butter, inula flower extract, cocoa butter, almond oil and rice bran oil.

Cleansing Scrub with sea salt (4 700 rub.)

The stylist noticed that many women have itchy scalp after dyeing their hair. In such cases, experts advised using coarse salt dissolved in water. Christophe decided to create a special product designed for sensitive and oily scalp.

Cleansing scrub contains a mix of sweet almonds and sea salt. It carefully removes dead skin cells, while maintaining the balance of the pH environment and regulating the sebaceous glands. The effect of the scrub is cumulative, so you need to use it on a regular basis.

Moisturizing hair oil with lavender (4 100 rub.)

Another favorite is Essentials Lavender Oil. It was the second product Christophe released. Vitamin E treats the scalp, and a combination of lavender and palm oils protects the shine and density of the hair, penetrating deep into the cuticle of the roots. It can be used as a pre-shampoo, as well as for coloring.

Christophe Robin products are available at Sephora stores and at www.sephora.ru.


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