Alex Fong touched by support for his swimming effort


8 Nov – After completing the challenge of swimming around Hong Kong island for nearly 11 hours, Alex Fong admitted that he is over the moon – not for the success of his attempt, but the support he has received from many.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who spoke to the media after the historic event, said he received a lot of messages from friends wishing him luck before his attempt, and more from others to congratulate him after he broke the record previously held by British swimmer Simon Holliday.

“The messages I received yesterday was more than I have ever received the past year. A lot of people donated money to the charity,” he said.

Alex also admitted that he never thought that he would break the record, and only hoped that he could complete the swim within 12 hours.

“It was very challenging. At one point, my heart rate accelerated and I had to slow down in the last seven to eight kilometres. But the whole journey was enjoyable,” he added.

The actor, who previously raised a lot of eyebrows for his plan to attempt the swim at his age, stated that he truly understood what it means to finish something.

“Lots of people said that the older you get, the harder it is to accomplish something, especially as I am in my late thirties. But I can now say that today was the most successful day of my life,” he enthused.

Asked if his next challenge in life is to get married, Alex laughed and said, “Of course. It is still the biggest challenge because it’s for a lifetime.”

(Photo Source: Mingpao)


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