Early Black Friday 2019 discounts turn your home into an arcade starting at just $170 (up to 40% off)



Arcade1Up’s Centipede Arcade Machine is a four-foot-high cabinet that plays four classic games.


It’s hard to write about Arcade1Up’s line of three-quarter-scale arcade cabinets without making some nostalgic reference to childhood. Because these are the games we dumped countless quarters in throughout our youth; Pac-Man and Dig-Dug are as indelibly inscribed in my memory as the first song I truly loved (Olivia Newton John’s “I Honestly Love You”) and my first kiss (Daria).

No matter which particular arcade games occupy a special place in your memory, Walmart has your back. Right now, the retailer is offering a half-dozen of Arcade1Up’s cabinets on sale, letting you save anywhere from 15% to 40%, depending on the model.

Remember, though: These prices are only for the game cabinet, and don’t include the $45 riser (which raises it to adult height), which is sold separately.

These units all ship in Ikea-style flatpack boxes, and some assembly is required. But we’ve done it ourselves, and it’s not too tough.


The Marvel Superheroes Arcade Machine has a 17-inch color LCD screen and stands almost four feet high. It includes three games: Marvel Superheroes, X-Men: Children of the Atom and The Puncher with playable characters including, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Magneto and Doctor Doom. Right now you can save $50.


Brace yourself: This is the granddaddy of them all, and priced at $250, you can save $50 off the usual list price. Arcade1Up’s Pacman Arcade Machine plays two games — Pac-Man and Pac-Man Plus  — on the 17-inch display. It stands just under four feet high, so I recommend adding a riser. 

Oh, and if you want the sit-down version, that’s gonna cost you closer to $500. 


The Galaga Arcade Machine is a four-foot high cabinet that plays two games. You get the original Galaxian (from 1979) and 1981’s follow-up Galaga on the 17-inch color LCD. As with all Arcade1Up consoles, it stands four feet high, but you can add a riser. Right now, you can save $100, making it about 30% off.


Arcade1Up’s Final Fight Arcade Machine plays four different games: Final Fight, 1944: The Loop Master, Ghost ‘N Goblins and Strider. The four-foot high cabinet includes a 17-inch color LCD display and the original controls and artwork. Usually priced at $299, it’s now about 30% off.


The Asteroids Arcade Machine is now priced at $169.99, making it an incredible value — it’s more than 40% off the list price of $299. It includes four games: Asteroids, Major Havoc, Lunar Lander and Tempest. It’s all displayed on the 17-inch color display and features authentic controls from the original design.


Arcade1Up’s Centipede Arcade Machine is 39% off right now, which makes getting these four games in a single cabinet (Centipede, Millipede, Missile Command, Crystal Castles) all the sweeter. The cabinet stands about four feet high and features a 17-inch color display.

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