From Baga Chipz to platform shoes: this week’s fashion trends


Going up

Helena Bonham Carter Having a moment. See: The Crown, about to drop on Netflix, and her expert draping of Brora’s Phenomenal Woman scarf, with 10% of sales to Save The Children.

Extreme layering Because Steve Lacy in the video for Playground. Yes, those are denim shorts over trackies.

Stand tall. Photograph: Getty Images

The high life Platform shoes are ideal for rising above inevitable snow sludge this winter. Take your cue from Stella McCartney.

Vetements circa 2016 Frank Ocean’s newest track is called DHL. Time to dig out that logo T-shirt, then.

Baga Chipz Best Drag Race contestant name ever?

Going down

Statement earrings Usurped by the statement necklace, according to Vogue. See big shells at Prada and thick chokers at Lanvin.

< Eight million followers The number Jennifer Aniston gained in one day on Instagram. What are you waiting for?

Jennifer Aniston: Insta-hit. Photograph: Getty Images

Micro bags The very opposite of what you’ll find @thebigbagclub, the Instagram account where bigger is better.

Balayage The not-so-subtle chunky highlights of the 90s are making a return. Think retro Cindy Crawford.

Power walking Take a cue from Rihanna and slow down your Insta videos. The leisurely saunter is the new way forward.


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