Elvina Kong excited to start filming new TVB series


16 Nov – TVB actress Elvina Kong is excited to begin filming her new series, “24 Hours of Amnesia”.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who spoke to the media when she was spotted in TVB City for the first day of shooting, stated that she has been given a very fun character to play as a female taxi driver.

“I have never been given a role that I was able to play freely. This is a realistic comedy. Due to the current political situation in Hong Kong, the producer wants to give the audience a happy show,” she said.

Elvina added that the only challenging part of playing her role was memorising all the taxi-related terms.

“I just say them. I don’t really know what it means,” she added.

The actress also revealed that she has several minor intimate scenes with actor Max Cheung, who plays her husband.

Praising Max for being a gentleman, she explained that the actor would always be wary of how he should act and get her permission before doing anything.

“24 Hours of Amnesia” stars Roger Kwok as a conman who finds himself protecting an amnesia sufferer (Shaun Tam) from getting swindled by others. The drama is tentatively scheduled for 2020 release.

It also marks Elvina’s first series since the 2016’s “Inspector Gourmet”.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)


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