Wanted: top 5 remedies for the new Buxom brand for Russia


Wanted: top 5 remedies for the new Buxom brand for Russia

This week, the American cosmetic brand Buxom, known for its gloss-plamper, began to be sold in Russia on the L'Etoile chain. However, lip products are not the only cool brand products. We talk about modeling mascara, highly pigmented eyeshadow, persistent lipsticks and powder cushions.

Kat Von D, Marc Jacobs, Christophe Robin, and even Vaseline – recently, the funds of these beauty brands can be bought without leaving Russia. In November, another brand added to this list – Buxom (it was launched in 2007 in the United States). If you, like us, feel a little bewildered and do not know where to start, we suggest that you pay attention to the brand’s best-selling product – the ultra-bright Buxom Full-On Dolly lip gloss.

The ultra-bright lip gloss Buxom Full-On (1,330 rubles)

It consists of a peptide complex, vitamins A and E. They smooth the surface of the lips, and flickering pigments give a mirror shine. In assortment – 45 classic nude and bright shades. We can hardly choose a favorite, but we advise you to look at the strawberry red Tonya and pale pink dolly.

When applied, a delicate menthol chill is clearly felt. In short, Full-On is a cheaper alternative to the iconic Lip Maximixer from Dior. Only the second is more liquid, and it has a more transparent texture, and Buxom is more enveloping and resistant.

Modeling mascara Lash Mascara (1 450 rub.)

"Working" mascara with a silicone brush in the shape of an hourglass. They promise that with one swipe, they will increase the volume of eyelashes three times, but it is more suitable for those who prefer the most natural effect.

Mascara is full of glossy pigments, vitamins and antioxidants, so it not only dyes eyelashes in black, but also cares for them, making them fluffy and soft.

Powdery matte cushion for lips PillowPout (1 480 rub.)

You can use the cushion with wet powder texture on your own or in combination with a Plumpline lip liner to create an ombre effect or make the color even more saturated. You can choose from both gentle nude and bold bright shades with enticing names (Cuddle Me, Kiss Me, Spoil Me and Turn Me On).

The tool is matte and resistant – they promise that it will not budge throughout the working day.

Palette eyeshadow Boss Babe Dolly (3 000 rubles.)

The most popular shade in the line is now not only on the lips. Palette Dolly with 12 different shades and textures is suitable for creating eye makeup of any complexity: from nude to rich berry, from matte to sparkling!

Shadows are easy to shade, but the main thing is that they are highly pigmented, so they can be applied without a primer. But the brush, alas, was not provided, and the mirror is not enough.

Full Force lipstick with volume effect (1 350 rub.)

If you are not ready to put up with dry lips for the sake of lipstick, this tool is a great option. Full Force with hyaluronic acid and a complex of oils nourishes and moisturizes, and the drop-shaped tip, which perfectly follows the shape of the lips, creates a coating with just one touch.


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