Results of the year 2019: main secular heroes and antiheroes


Results of the year 2019: main secular heroes and antiheroes

Igor Bulatov / Victoria Lopyreva / Nino Ninidze

Secular life in the capital does not seem to freeze for a single day! Who by the end of the year left this marathon as a winner, and who as a loser, we propose to sort it out. In the final material, the most vivid and remembered heroes of the secular chronicles of 2019 were collected.

Secular comeback

Those who usually complain that the same faces appear in the secular chronicle year after year have hardly disappointed this year. The same people, of course, also lacked, but at the same time, new heroes appeared, and several characters from former secular chronicles returned to duty.

Perhaps the most talked about was the return of Alesya Kafelnikova. Emerging from a depression straight on world catwalks, the daughter of a famous tennis player triumphantly returned to the capital's parties. At the beginning of the year, Alesya shocked subscribers to chronicles of their plague vacations in Bali, and in the fall became the main star party Burberry in Moscow and shone as a guest at the Tatler Ball.

With glee, social circles met and return Kirill Serebrennikov. In April of this year, the director changed the measure of restraint from house arrest to recognizance not to leave. This event was immediately noted in the party, having awarded director of the prize "For Freedom of Creativity" in the ceremony "The Most Stylish in Russia – 2019". Serebrennikov himself soon took advantage of the physical freedom, having appeared at the Golden Mask Award.

During the year, the artistic director of the Gogol Center was also noticed at a number of other outstanding events of the social life of the capital. I personally greeted Alla Pugacheva at a concert in her honor in her theater, looked into the intellectual club of Nadezhda Obolentseva, and then walked on her the wedding with Rezo Gigineishvili, appreciated the program of the capital's most fashionable film festival Strelka Film Festival. In general, he left the room – and did not make a mistake.

Kirill Serebrennikov

With open arms, the metropolitan society accepted and secular the heroine Glamorous Zero Julia Bordovskih. The famous TV presenter recently lived in the United States and rarely appeared in the domestic information space. But this summer, having celebrated her 50th anniversary in Jurmala, Julia flew to Moscow, noted at the tennis tournament from Bosco di Ciliegi, and in the fall brought out in the capital light and his daughter Marusya – as debutantes Ball Tatler.

Secular Newbies

Everyone is used to the fact that usually secular society is reluctant to accept newcomers, but this year the orderly ranks of the old guard had to make room. The confrontation between instagrams and representatives of the "heavy luxury" has become, perhaps, the main battle of the year. According to its results, the stars of social networks still managed to win their place in the gestists of the main secular parties of the capital.

Daria Konovalova after round table at Ksenia Sobchak noted on the main metropolitan movie premieresand on presentations luxury brands and iconic secular ceremonies, and in the end turned out to be among the guests Events the main secular publication Tatler. Well then face controlas they say, passed.

A similar path was taken by Daria Klyukina, former member show "Bachelor". Wedding with Gazprom Media’s top manager Vladimir Chopov and Honeymoon did not interfere with the participant rating Instagram stars from Forbes punctually join the new social and fashion season, starting with Fashion's Night Out in September, where Daria posed photographers with Yana Rudkovskaya. Apparently, Klyukina had a warm relationship with her: Daria appeared in the video for Dima Bilan, Yana was among the guests at Daria’s wedding, and then Klyukina received an invitation to gala dinner Dior, which Rudkovskaya hosted in his mansion.

Not on jet thrust from explosive battles, but on the wings of love in secular society flew in this year Nino Ninidze. In the artistic environment, the girl, of course, was known for a long time, but the general public knew her name in the wake of rumors about the affair with Maxim Vitorgan. Rumors afterwards confirmedWell, Nino has become a frequent guest at various events and parties. And here, it seems, there were no dissatisfied at all – Ninidze charmed not only her ex-husband with her natural beauty and elegance Ksenia Sobchak, but also everyone who yearned for new faces in a secular get-together.

Secular stability

Having issued a divorce, Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan clearly did not seek to avoid each other in society. Ksenia can safely award a prize for stability! Whatever happens in her life and no matter how busy she is own projects, and she did not miss social events!

In her partying run, Sobchak went so deep into secular jungle that at some point even turned out to be at the ceremony of Moda Topical magazine! She came there, however, not just like that, but to get a reward.

Ksenia Sobchak

The main event at which Ksenia visited this year, it’s still worth recognizing her own the wedding and the parties attached to her, where the bride showed wonders Strip plastic mastery. It is obviously difficult to compete with such an entertainment program and an extensive list of guests, in which Andrey Bartenev, Dmitry Peskov and Alexei Venediktov agree.

Secular rifleman who ripened everywhere

If secular society had its own social competition, then on the wall newspaper at the end of the year, undoubtedly, a portrait of Mikhail Zygar would be adorned!

The writer comes to light more regularly than the news on the Rain channel,

– Not without sarcasm noticed in the telegram channel "Antiglaze".

Well, we, looking at the chronicle, sometimes wondered: had Mikhail already taken possession of the time flywheel? Secular parties this year Zygar missed, it seems, only for a very good reason, like filming his new project with model Natalia Vodianova, but then he was catching up with double zeal, managing for several events in one evening.

Secular reality

Yana Rudkovskaya She could make a serious competition to Mikhail Zygar, because she also tries not to miss the presentation of fashion brands and secular ceremonies. This year, Rudkovskaya decided to show the other side of her secular marathons – launched its reality show itself became its main character.

It seems that the exchange of experience between new and experienced secular heroines was successful! Participants in the TV show invaded the territory of heavy luxury, a heavy suite burst into the world of reality shows. The casting was again approved by the main secular “face controller” Tatler – Yana Rudkovskaya for the first time hit on the cover of the publication.

Secular outsiders

However, there were losers in this social race. Having established personal life, Victoria Lopyreva was forced to sacrifice a secular life. At the end of last year, it became known about the pregnancy of Victoria, and later she declassified the name of the father of the child. Them turned out to be Igor Bulatov, who at the time of the beginning of the affair with Victoria was still the husband of Tata Karapetyan.

Igor Bulatov and Victoria LopyrevaIgor Bulatov and Victoria Lopyreva

On the net, Lopyreva was sharply convicted of having a relationship with a married man, although she disproved these speculations, proving that Tata and Igor at that time no longer had close relations. However, ganged up on “Miss Russia 2003” not only anonymous netizens, but also some domestic celebrities, including Andrei Malakhov and Olga Buzova.

Among those who sided with Victoria was Oksana Lavrentieva, but such support did not affect the general situation – Oksana herself now rarely appears at social events. Year-end photos with a beloved from Miami, Lopyreva clearly accumulated more than from the secular chronicle. To appear hand in hand with your beloved at the capital's events Victoria decided only once at the premiere of the play "Norma", and even alone appeared in the world infrequently.

Secular businesswoman

Occupations of regular visitors to ceremonial receptions, fashion presentations and private parties can be difficult to identify, because sometimes it seems that it is trips to social events that are their main area of ​​activity.

This year, the woman who first declared herself in the profession also fell into the chronicles. The second in Russia billionaire woman Tatyana Bakalchuk, the founder of Wildberries, used to stay in the background and did not seek to be in the spotlight, just doing her own thing. But the PR specialists seemed to be unable to miss such an inspiring heroine. We can imagine that invite Tatyana is much more often, but she probably carefully selects Eventsthat are worth the time spent on them. The other day Bakalchuk became one of the main characters of the GQ Super Woman ceremony, where received award in the nomination "Business online".

Tatyana BakalchukTatyana BakalchukTatyana Bakalchuk

Results of the year – 2019: the brightest secular character


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