Iceland’s 150-piece pack will serve 15 people


In a festive panic about the price of food this Christmas? Worry no more. Iceland has just launched a huge party food bundle which serves 15 people for £15.

The 150-piece celebration pack will serve even the fussiest of eaters, with three party foods, two platters, a pack of Pringles and up to three litres of Coke.

The customisable bundle is available on Iceland’s website only, giving shoppers the option to select only their favourite treats.

Shoppers can choose platters with more treats in to maximise the amount of people that can be fed – perfect for a New Year’s Eve party or Boxing day lunch.

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The selection is making us feel hungry just thinking about it. It includes party food such as duck spring rolls, chicken tikka bites, mozzarella sticks, and mini beef pasties.

It also has platter items with up to 70 pieces in each. These include the Indian platter, the chicken platter and the oriental vegetable platter.

Dessert is catered for as well with the 64-piece dessert platter which features puff pastry slices, coconut macaroons, mini eclairs and chocolate brownies.

Did we mention we’re hungry?

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For a party of 15, each person could have 10 pieces each – which given the portion sizes would be plenty.

ASDA is selling a similar platter for £10.50, complete with 158 pieces, but this one doesn’t have any choice, so it depends how fussy you (and your guests) are about what the platter consists of.

Here’s what you can choose from as part of the bundle:

Party foods | RRP £1 each

  • 15 Chicken Goujons, 240g

  • 12 Mozzarella Sticks, 180g

  • 16 Chicken Tikka Bites, 160g

  • 10 Duck Spring Rolls, 180g

  • 12 Mini Beef Pasties, 240g

  • 16 Vegetable Spring Rolls, 320g

  • Hot & Spicy Prawns, 110g

  • 16 Indian Snack Selection, 240g

  • 12 Mini Belgian Chocolate Eclairs, 140g

  • 10 Filo Prawns, 120g

Platters | RRP: £5 each

  • 70 Buffet Platter, 1.167kg

  • 60 Crispy Chicken Platter, 760g

  • 64 Dessert Platter, 739g

  • 100 Indian Platter, 1.5kg

  • 100 Indian Platter, 1.5kg

  • 60 Oriental Vegetable Platter, 960g

Crisps | RRP: £1.25 each

  • Pringles Sour Cream & Onion Crisps, 200g

  • Pringles Texas BBQ Sauce Crisps, 200g

  • Pringles Original Crisps, 200g

  • Pringles Salt & Vinegar Crisps, 200g

  • Pringles Sweet Chilli Crisps, 200g

Multi-packs or bottles of Coke | RRP up to £3

  • Coca-Cola Original Taste, six x 330ml

  • Diet Coke, eight x 330ml

  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, eight x 330ml

  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, 3litres

That’s quite a selection.

Whatever you choose, remember you haven’t got that much longer to make a decision. Christmas last order dates are creeping up on the online shoppers amongst us.

Iceland has a more lenient delivery notice than most, with last orders needing to be placed on 21st December.

That said, the final dates will be released on 16th December so if you want to get in soon, it’s best not to wait around.

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