"I'm Five minutes Varicose": Vera Brezhneva spoke at Comedy Club


Vera Brezhneva

Yesterday, 37-year-old Vera Brezhneva unexpectedly first appeared on the Comedy Club stage as a comedian. The singer tried herself in the genre of stand-up. The star admitted that she is very flattered that she is in the top of the sexiest women.

But honestly, this is a stereotype. I haven’t been what you think and fantasize for a long time. It used to be a half-naked chick on the beach, and now I'm Vera Viktorovna. I am a married woman, I am the mother of two children. I'm five minutes varicose. Yes, I’m already so many years old that Prokhor Chaliapin will really start rolling up to me soon,

– joked the wife of Konstantin Meladze.

The artist said that she often encounters stereotypes about herself.

I’m sure that even they will send me a script to play Anna Karenina, there at the end it turns out that she is undressing naked and only then throws herself under the train,

– Vera suggested with irony.

The star said that she leads a normal life, in the morning she goes for vegetables.

I come to Auchan, take the eggplant. I look – normal, not rotten – I put it in the basket. But for some reason, many are sure that I am doing it like this: "Oooh … eggplant!"

– with these words, the artist slowly sat down.

The second miniature was devoted to flying on an airplane. Vera lamented that she was always offered a drink, thinking that she was a very sociable person. However, we will not reveal all the cards at once: the full video of Brezhneva’s speech will be available tonight.


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