Wanted: F @ ck Make Up Standards, Mixit


Wanted: F @ ck Make Up Standards, Mixit

In the Wanted section, we share new products from the world of beauty that you want to get right now. Today in our wishlist is the debut collection of the Russian brand Mixit with the catchy name F @ ck Make Up Standards. It includes funds for the face, eyes and lips: cool star-shaped liners, tonal creams with the Facetune effect, holographic powder for face and body, mascara with Senegalese acacia gum, chameleon fluid for lips and persistent tints.

Russian brand Mixit (you probably saw an advertisement for the brand’s funds with Anastasia Reshetova, Ksenia Sobchak and other influencers) released a collection of decorative cosmetics F @ ck Make Up Standards. Destroy beauty standards with bright makeup, of course. So, we tell in more detail what has entered the line.

A series of foundation creams (795 rub.) Selfie Queen Foundation (in three shades) promises to even out tone and hide flaws. So feel free to delete Facetune, because the photos will be perfect from the first frame.

Face powder Naked Poster Holo Powder (995 rubles) is not simple, but holographic with the effect of pearl highlighter. Using a puff, boldly apply it to the protruding areas on the face and body: cheekbones, temples, back of the nose, chin, collarbone and décolleté.

Such eyeliners in the form of stamps used to be ordered only on Asos. Now, a felt-tip pen for the eyes in the form of an asterisk Rock Stars tatoo liner (595 rubles) has appeared in the Mixit range.

There are two mascaras in the series: for the super-volume Larger & Danger (595 rubles) with vitamins E and C and Longer & Blacker with Senegalese acacia gum for the effect of false eyelashes.

But this is not all for eye makeup: here you have automatic pencils, a palette of shadows and shadow-pencils (ashen, golden, brown, copper-bronze, pearl pink, purple and silver).

Fluid Chameleon Get the hype! Lipfluid (595 rubles) is, in fact, a pink-transparent lipstick with holographic sparkles. Outwardly, it looks like strawberry marmalade, but it is almost not felt on the lips.

For a more lasting effect – tints Under my skin & F * ck the haters (695 rub.). They give the effect of kissed lips, covering from translucent to medium with a natural matte finish.

In the assortment, we also found cool freckle sticks Love your face Freckles Stick (545 rubles). This is a face skin liner with pearl sparkles.

For eyebrows – wax pencils Good brows open all doors of cold light brown and dark brown shades with a retractable stylus (495 rubles) and a transparent gel for fixing Hunter Gel (345 rubles).


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