Andrey Malakhov leaves the post of chief editor of StarHit. He occupied him for 12 years


Andrei Malakhov leaves the post of chief editor

Andrei Malakhov

Today is a 47 year old Andrei Malakhov announced that he was leaving the post of chief editor of StarHit magazine. He wrote a big letter on the website of the publication titled "Thank you, stay on top!".

Today, when the Internet is ahead of the print market in the speed of information delivery, and there is still 24 hours in the day, my opportunities for checking and personal control of everything that goes under the Starhit brand are exhausted,

– the journalist wrote.

Andrei Malakhov

He also said that from January 1, 2020, the publication will exist only in digital form.

I wish success, bright news, sparkling materials, however, not without a balanced approach. Yes, the captain is the last to leave the ship in the fleet, but now, on the eve of the New Year holidays, my already high level of stress goes through the roof, so the last three issues of the magazine will leave without my participation. I believe the portal will remain on top and will not let me down! Thanks to everyone who read our magazine all these years!

– summed up Malakhov, who served as chief editor since 2007.

Andrei Malakhov

Recall, recently, the stars of Russian show business have increasingly begun to accuse Andrei and the publication of disseminating false information. Recall the citizenship scandal Alla Pugacheva and her husband Maxim Galkin. But Natalya Rudova and Olga Seryabkina threatened the journalist with a court after he ranked celebrities among the elite escort girls.


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