Results of the year 2019: the most annoying stars


Results of the year 2019: the most annoying stars

There has never been such a thing, and here again: we must remember all those who we are tired of dying for this year! No, this is not about the former / colleague / boss / crazy neighbor, but about the stars that so often flashed in the news bulletins that finally became boring and no longer cause anything but irritation and slight annoyance, although in general they did nothing wrong – there were simply … too many.

For obvious reasons, the “Gossip” list of such annoying stars could be very long (read: endless), but we still pulled ourselves together and chose the “top ten” stars, news about which could appear less often.

Meghan Markle, 38

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Beauty, clever, wife, mother, defender of women, animals and the oppressed, a positive person on all sides, and even bullying victim, Meghan Markle is good for everyone, but still fed up with us.

She, of course, is not to blame for this: you have to go out on duty royal family memberand that so much media write about her, so demand creates supply. Well, what can you do if the story of an American woman who married a British prince is still so much interested in the audience! With the advent of a spouse's child, son archie, the excitement around this couple – with an advantage in the direction of Megan – only intensified. So from "Megan then Megan this" is nowhere to go.

Alla Pugacheva, 70 years old

Alla Pugacheva

Yes, Alla Pugacheva still our everything, but the media noise around this year's prima donna – because loud anniversary including – it is tired of the order and prevents, as before, being charmed by immortal hits (but in vain: there are songs for all occasions).

But there is still husband and children, who also constantly give us info feeds, and as a result, there’s no way to hide from this star family. But a little detachment in communication "with the people" has not yet prevented a single star.

Yana Rudkovskaya, 44 years old

Yana Rudkovskaya

Well, everything is clear: Jana – an old-timer in the capital's social life, and so far she does not intend to go beyond the horizon. How else, if publicity is part of her work, which she emphasizes every couple of minutes in a recently launched reality show "Yana Super"No way, we understand, but it doesn’t make it any easier for us. And even if you do not watch a television project about the life of a star family, run away from the news about it – about surrogate motherhood, problems in marriage, or something like that"Plushenko broke the pipe and set up a fountain"- it's still impossible. And it's not super.

Melania Trump, 49

Donald and Melania Trump

In fact, we even feel sorry for Melania Trump, who constantly gets into the news, because someone criticized her or husband. Well, because to cover every public appearance of the first lady of the United States, all popular publications about the stars consider it their duty (we, too). But isn't it all of us tired? ..

Irina Shayk, 33 years old

Irina Shayk

Actually Irina Shayk can't be bored – you can look at her charming smile forever, and yet, all the same, supermodels are too many everywhere, so we don’t even have time to get bored. Given that after parting With Bradley Cooper, interest in Shake only intensified, the situation has already begun to get out of hand: for example, we can practically count the days on our fingers when we would not stumble upon another note telling about the "key-breaking" life of a star.

Yes, Sheik is not to blame for the fact that the paparazzi are following her on the heels, but we are still tired of these discussions of her "walks with daughter"," new boyfriends "and" sexy outfits. "

Ksenia Sobchak, 38 years old

Ksenia Sobchak

And here is the opposite case: Ksenia going on so many thingsthat at least every day you can release a pack of news on a variety of topics – from love conflicts in the life of a journalist to her views on morality. Seriously: a divorce, wedding, high-profile interviews, sharp comments on instagram, poetic battles – you can’t figure it out without a sedative, such a busy life.

Subscribers are interested, and we are trying to remember, was there ever a moment when Ksenia disappeared from the radar? ..

Svetlana Loboda, 37 years old

Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda as a star person, in principle, is not so much around – she manages to dose out information about herself issued by the media, although there are reasons (for example, a mysterious whether romance or not with Till Lindemann). But still, it feels like wherever you look, this artist will be there: be it corporate party, wedding or top photo on Instagram – Loboda “stuck” to us in the same way as her songs.

Regina Todorenko, 29 years old

Regina Todorenko

Regina is also very much – her details weddings with Vlad Topalov surfaced six months later, and it’s impossible to stumble on an advertisement with a star. And by the way, this "lot" raises questions: the presentation of the award to Regina "Woman of the Year"with the explanation that she managed everything (" reinvent her own YouTube channel, become best presenter morning show, get married "), to put it mildly, discouraged the party – without detracting from the merits of Todorenko, everyone discussed that this year they were on hype completely different presenterswho played the wedding.

God bless her, with the reward, we were not tired of Regina because of this: the image of a young working mother can be replicated less energetically.

Selena Gomez, 27 years old

Selena Gomez

No, we make a reservation right away, Selena is cool. And her life not sugar, and haytat constantly, and here also former boyfriend suddenly got married – in general, this artist is now either good or nothing. But this endless "sad story"Many have already got bored – maybe the paparazzi and the" insiders "should be a little behind the star so that the news about her ceases to cause a sour smile?

Kardashian Family – Jenner

Sisters Kardashian - Jenner with children

If you are not tired for more than 10 years from an epic called the Kardashian Family with betrayals, marriages, divorces, transgender people, children that are already difficult to count, endless collaborations, etc., then you can only envy – you live in a happy bubble where news about the life of these celebrities does not leak.

Results of the year 2019: the most annoying stars


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