These beauty treatments will be huge in 2020


Treatwell, the hair and beauty booking website, has revealed which treatments are gaining popularity ready for 2020 in its annual report.

It also details which trends are slowing down in popularity, using information from real bookings made via the app in 2019.

The research discovered that hair extensions – which are down 14% – and HD Brows – which are down 9% – have fallen in popularity this year.

It also added some validity to the rise in popularity of both brow lamination and sugaring, putting them both firmly on our 2020 beauty wish lists.

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Brow taming has been a key part of our beauty routines for many a year. From the days of the barely-there brow that saw us plucking our brows into oblivion. To more recently, Cara Delevingne’s full brow which encouraged us all to grow said barely-there brows back.

Say goodbye to HD brows and hello to brow lamination, which has been described as a perm for your brows which sets them in a uniform shape for an extended period of time.

Sugaring is also up in the beauty ranks. Simply put, it’s a natural hair removal technique that pulls body hair off using just lemon, sugar and water.

Sugaring removes hair using just sugar, water and lemon. Oh, and wax strips. [Photo: Getty]

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There were some slightly odd additions to this year’s list, too.

Who remembers when we all had gems stuck to our nails in a vague attempt at nail art? Well, that’s back, but this time the gems are stuck to teeth instead. That’s right, tooth gems and tooth jewellery are up 971%.

Lashes – from LVL to a full-set of Russian lashes – are unsurprisingly still the height of fashion for 2020. Even with the decrease in popularity of treatments like hair extensions and HD brows, Russian lashes, which could be described as a “heavier” lash will live another year.

Russian lashes give off a quite obviously fake effect, but they certainly improve the no make-up, make-up look when you’re not in the mood to put in too much of an effort.

Between two and eight false lashes are added to each individual real lash to create a full, voluptuous look.

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Dermaplaning is another treatment to see a rise in popularity this year. The exfoliating treatment buffs off dead skin and the light, fuzzy layer of hair that can be seen on the face. It’s used to help facial products penetrate the skin more effectively.

And last but not warmest, cryotherapy is up 41% year on year. To partake in cryotherapy, you must stand in a freezing chamber for several minutes.

Although it might seem like it would do the opposite, the cold can boost your immune system and heal muscles, aches and pains.

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