Resident Evil 3 remake brings you back to Raccoon City on April 3, 2020


STARS members better watch out: Nemesis will be on the hunt again soon. The Resident Evil 3 remake has been a near-certainty for a while, thanks to the excellent update of Resident Evil 2 and some leaked box art, and on Tuesday Capcom officially revealed the game with a chilling trailer during Sony’s State of Play livestream. It’ll be out on PS4, Xbox One and PC April 3, 2020.

The trailer fakes us out by showing footage from the second game’s remake, then rolling back the clock to reflect that Resident Evil 3 actually takes place 24 hours before those events (because every franchise needs to have a slightly confusing timeline). We see through Jill Valentine’s eyes as deadly bioweapon Nemesis stalks her from the halls of a burning building to the zombie-infested streets of Raccoon City.

Despite the initial first-person viewpoint in the trailer mirroring Resident Evil 7, the game will be third-person like the remake of 2, developer Capcom said in a release.


Jill Valentine is back on Raccoon City’s zombie-filled streets in the Resident Evil 3 remake. Nom nom nom.


The original version of Resident Evil 3 came out on Sony PlayStation in 1999. Nemesis might sound a bit like the Tyrant that lumbered after you in Resident Evil 2, but one major difference is that Nemesis runs faster than Jill’s fellow Special Tactics and Rescue Service (STARS) members. He occasionally carries a rocket launcher and has some icky, icky tentacles that can infect people with a deadly virus… an element that’s hinted at in the trailer.

Jill (the Master of Unlocking and a survivor of the first Resident Evil) teams up with amiable mercenary Carlos Oliveira as she tries to dodge Nemesis and escape the city.

It appears Capcom might have something planned for Resident Evil 2 Remake to tie the games together. A new Steam achievement called Chasing Jill showed up sometime Tuesday. The description says, “read a letter left behind by Jill,” and no one has earned it. In Resident Evil 2 Remake, players come across multiple letters left by other characters, but there isn’t a letter from Jill. It seems Capcom may add the letter soon and that the note will link the two games together. It’s currently unknown if this achievement is available on the PS4 or Xbox One.  


Nemesis is back too. Hug him.


Along with Resident Evil 3, you’ll get co-op multiplayer game Resident Evil Resistance, an intense four-versus-one survival game that had a public beta test earlier this year. One player is the Mastermind, who can tweak the environment and use a deck of cards to place monsters and traps, as well as taking direct control over more dangerous bioweapons like the mutated William Birkin and Tyrant.

On the other side, four Survivors have to work together, using various weapons and unique special abilities to escape before the time runs out.

If you preorder, you’ll get an exclusive Classic Costume Pack that includes Jill’s original (less practical) costume and Carlos’ original (less messy) hairstyle, so you can party like it’s 1999.

And if you absolutely love spending money, the US Collector’s Edition costs $180. It includes the physical game, a statue of Jill, an artbook, a double-sided poster featuring a map of Raccoon City and a digital soundtrack.

Originally published Dec. 10, 6:20 a.m. PT.
Updates, 7:25 a.m.: Adds more detail; Dec. 11: Includes achievement info.

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