Around the World in a Few Days: Watching Santa Claus Live Christmas Live




Around the World in a Few Days: Watching Santa Claus Live Christmas Live

If you are not very happy with the festive mood, we suggest that you definitely charge them. On the official website The United States Aerospace Defense Command of North America (NORAD) can watch live Santa Claus flying around the world on his sleigh pulled by deer and delivering gifts to children.

In just a few days, Santa Claus will fly the whole globe and make happy several billion children. At the moment, he has already presented more than seven billion Christmas presents (this figure is in the upper right corner, and it is growing rapidly).

A bit of history: the tradition of tracing the path of Santa Claus is rooted in 1955. Then, by mistake, one of the newspapers published the wrong Santa’s phone number, which turned out to be the hotline of the air tracking service. After calls came in from the headquarters of the Air Force from young children who wanted to speak with Santa Claus, the military decided that it would be wrong to deprive the kids of faith in the holiday, and quickly came up with a suitable answer. They said they were following Santa’s movements and gave them the coordinates of his whereabouts. And since 1998, Santa’s flight has been watched with pleasure by people from all over the world on the Internet.

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