from J-Lo’s astonishing runway look to The Dress


  1. What did singer HER wear on the red carpet at the VMA’s in August?

    1. A live snake

    2. A falafel

    3. A spider brooch

    4. A micro bag

  2. The Face.

    Having halted production in 2004, culture magazine the Face relaunched this year with four cover stars. Who were they?

    1. Tom Holland, Taylor Swift, KJ Apa, Hayley Kiyoko

    2. Harry Styles, Tyler the Creator, Rosalía, Dua Lipa

    3. Billie Eilish, Pete Davidson, BTS, Bad Bunny

    4. Meghan Thee Stallion, Princess Diana, Kourtney Kardashian, Sam Smith

  3. Jennifer Lopez.

    At Milan fashion week, which look did J-Lo recreate on the runway to much fanfare?

    1. Her Versace dress from 2000

    2. Her uniform from Maid in Manhattan

    3. The single cover of her Pitbull duet, 2014’s World Cup anthem We Are One (Ola Ola)

    4. The velour tracksuit from the I’m Real (ft Ja Rule) video

  4. Polka dot edition dress from Zara.

    According to Hot 4 the Spot, the Instagram account set up in tribute to the Zara polka-dot dress of the summer, people did all of these while wearing it – apart from which one?

    1. Hang out with Sam Smith

    2. Get married

    3. Take part in Bake Off

    4. Skydive

  5. Katie Holmes helped popularise which portmanteau term?

    1. Shacket (shirt jacket)

    2. Jeanos (jeans chinos)

    3. Sexigan (sexy cardigan)

    4. Thotumn (thot and autumn – what happened, possibly, after Hot Girl Summer)

  6. Who was on the cover of GQ’s New Masculinity issue?

    1. Billy Porter

    2. Ezra Miller

    3. Timothée Chalamet

    4. Pharrell Williams

  7. Which of these was not a throwback reference at this year’s fashion shows?

    1. Lindsay Lohan’s Rumours

    2. The Matrix

    3. Mr Blobby

    4. The flared jean

  8. Who was GQ’s worst-dressed man of the year?

    1. Jacob Rees-Mogg

    2. Dominic Cummings

    3. Cristiano Ronaldo

    4. Donald Trump

  9. Kate Upton.

    What did former Victoria’s Secret model Kate Upton call the lingerie flogger’s show?

    1. A boozefest

    2. A snoozefest

    3. A boobfest

    4. A bluesfest

  10. Which of these was not a slogan from the Viktor and Rolf spring/summer couture collection?

    1. I’m not shy, I just don’t like you

    2. Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come

    3. F* this I’m going to Paris

    4. You’re the Regina George

  11. Social media video site TikTok popularised a number of new demographic subgroups, but which one isn’t real?

    1. VSCO girls

    2. E-girl

    3. Soft girl

    4. Flip-phone girl

  12. Haircut 100.

    Which hairstyle made a surprise comeback this year?

    1. The mullet

    2. The micro man bun

    3. The rat’s tail

    4. The perm


1:A, 2:B, 3:A, 4:D, 5:C, 6:D, 7:C, 8:B, 9:B, 10:D, 11:D, 12:D


  1. 9 and above.

    Hot or not? Hot! You know your Zara from your Tommy X Zendaya.

  2. 12 and above.

    YOU are the new black. Well done, babes.

  3. 0 and above.

    Le désastre. Je suis désolé mais tu ne sais rien au sujet des vêtements.

  4. 5 and above.

    You can’t sit with us. You know what happened to Victoria’s Secret, but then a friend said ‘sexigan’ and you stopped responding to their WhatsApps.


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