Great game deals: Get Death Stranding for $35, Jedi: Fallen Order for $45


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Christmas may be over, but two hot games that came out in 2019 are still on sale at Walmart.

Right now, you can get Jedi: Fallen Order for $45 and Death Stranding for just $35. These are great prices for both games, and they are expected to remain in effect until Dec. 28.

Kojima Productions

Yes, this PS4 exclusive is one of the weirdest games in recent memory — as you’d expect from Hideo Kojima, the iconoclast game impresario behind the Metal Gear Solid series. And it was certainly divisive: We found this post-apocalyptic fetch quest to be (mostly) ponderous, while our colleagues at GameSpot gave it high marks. But here’s the thing: When you’re paying $35 instead of $60, you can be a lot more forgiving. And that’s what the game is selling for at Walmart. 

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The Rise of Skywalker is now in theaters, and The Mandalorian is all the rage. But if you can’t get enough Star Wars, Jedi: Fallen Order is just the fix you’re looking for. This top-notch single-player game — think “Tomb Raider in the Star Wars universe” — takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, and features plenty of lightsabers, AT-ATs, stormtroopers, droids and everything in between. It’s available for PS4 and Xbox One. (Note: Both versions are currently available on Amazon for $45 as well.)

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The Xbox One version is also on sale for the same price.

This story was published earlier, but the deal has been verified as still available.


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