Maxim Galkin in a new interview: about Alla Pugacheva, children, attitude towards gays and politics


Maxim Galkin in a new interview: about Alla Pugacheva, children, attitude towards gays and politics

Maksim Galkin

43-year-old Maxim Galkin became the hero of the new release of the YouTube show "And talk? ". In an interview with presenter Irina Shikhman, the artist frankly talked about his relationship with his wife Alla Pugacheva, spoke on the topic of surrogacy and his political position. In an interview, Galkin also commented on rumors about his homosexuality and explained why there are so many fictitious marriages in the Russian show business. SPLETNIK.RU collected the most interesting quotes from this conversation.

About Alla Pugacheva and family relations

I wouldn’t go to perform in hot spots now. I have Small children, and I feel a great responsibility before them. I have a special responsibility, and our age difference with Alla imposes a double responsibility on me. And we pronounce it. I try to protect myself in this regard.

Alla is now consciously giving children more attention than I do. She often says: "I want to have time to teach them something, to give something to them." She is an insanely responsible mother, look for one more.

Initially, I was a pensioner at heart, but she is so young. That is, it is much easier to lift, easy to make decisions. Then Alla told me once a very good thing: “Can I calmly grow old with you?” I said yes to her. It’s calm in the sense that I will not change the relationship in the family, I will not change it, I will not change what we have. That she can be calm.

Irina Shikhman and Maxim GalkinIrina Shikhman and Maxim Galkin

Alla didn’t receive a normal family, life, relations between a man and a woman. For the first time, someone brought her to a house that was not built by her. This is important for her, she always thanks me. She, for example, swims in the pool and says: "Thank you, Maseka." In this house, she does only what she likes: she can remake something on the interior, some curtains, tell me something … She doesn’t even know everything about the economy: how much does it cost, nor what services do what. She is absolutely freed from this.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with children, Irina ShikhmanAlla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with children, Irina Shikhman

About the birth of children

Alla cooked this. I did not think about it so much as to build any plans or strategies. But Alla is a more intelligent person, so she suggested this first. Initially, she mentally prepared herself to be such a grandmother, but as a result, she became an absolute mother, and, in my opinion, the best mother possible. By how much she gives them, how much she knows. Despite the fact that I kind of think well, I learned many things from her: how to behave properly with children, how to speak with them correctly, what we should give them.

For example, I am much more quick-tempered than Alla, which is strange. You can’t say so. And if not for her, then maybe I would have shouted at the children several times already. And since they grow in absolute love, they don’t know what a raised voice is, what a quarrel is. They did not see that once someone with them clarified the relationship in the house, so they so funny and happy.

Alla Pugacheva with daughter LisaAlla Pugacheva with daughter LisaThe birth of children was shrouded in mystery. We managed to keep this secret. Only a week after the birth of the children, when I was on the set in Kiev, Alla took them from the hospital. And only the next day, Masha Remizova from Komsomolka called me and asked: "Maxim, we were told your children were born. Perhaps this is the same nonsense as everything else that they tell us?" I replied that this was not nonsense, the children were really born, but you still won’t remove anything, she’s already at home. But tomorrow we are gathering close friends with Alla to tell them about it at six in the evening. He asked to suffer until six o’clock. And we must give them their due, they suffered. They were very nervous, afraid that this exclusive would go to colleagues. They went to meet. Therefore, we succeeded.

No one knew about this. Only I, Alla Borisovna, my brother and I knew Kristina (Kristina Orbakaite. – Approx. Ed.). Well, of course, all the doctors. We did not tell anyone. So we gathered friends and told them about it. Everyone said one word: "Stunned." Maybe another word was spinning in their head, but they could not pronounce it.

Harry and Lisa GalkinHarry and Lisa Galkin

On the attitude to surrogacy

This is a free choice for a surrogate mother. I for this person created the most comfortable conditions of all possible. Naturally, comfortable conditions were connected with the fact that we were not personally acquainted. Under ideal conditions, this is complete anonymity. Naturally, we knew who she was, but she did not know who we were. I often take everything with this approach, I paid above the market. And we were very lucky with her, he was a very responsible person. She approached this with all her heart. I have no internal ethical contradictions in relation to this; I believe that this is possible.

Alla Pugacheva with daughter LisaAlla Pugacheva with daughter Lisa

I think that fatherly feeling arises when a person is an adult. According to the testimony of many fathers, in 20-25 years, this is usually unconscious fatherhood. I had children at the age of 37, and this is it. I immediately went crazy for these children. That is, it is not related to whether the pregnant wife walks nearby or does not walk. It does not give anything. This is only a growing personality.

About rumors about his gay

It seems to me that such rumors have been accompanying me periodically all my life. I don’t know why: maybe because I have such an intonation, maybe some kind of intelligence … I have not confirmed this in my life. I understand that if I went with a guy or, in principle, did this. Well, there was such a guy who talked about it at the university. Well, okay, okay, I survived this.

When the acting story began, there was such a case. It was 1997. One guy, young, a parody, no matter who it was, he never hid it. I was traveling with him in the same compartment, but in the next compartment was another artist who was terribly envious. And he just from this fact that we were in the same compartment began to spread these rumors. Moreover, this artist still walks on the ground. And it really went from one person. Okay, okay, I forgave that.

Then there was an episode with another famous person. I will apologize in advance to Alena, the wonderful widow of Mikhail Nikolayevich Zadornov, although she also knows everything perfectly. It was in Kazakhstan, and we went to the bathhouse with Mikhail Zadornov and Sergey Drobotenko. There was a big jacuzzi. And Zadornov was not talking about the room; he was talking about the jacuzzi. The situation was that the three of us were sitting in the jacuzzi. And there was nothing there.

Many years later. Naturally, we traveled with him (with Sergey Drobotenko. – Approx. ed.). We were little-known artists. Of course, there was an element of savings. On tour in Latvia, we settled in one room. We did not choose to live in one room, we did not ask for it. But, unfortunately, the artist, who was traveling in a compartment in 1997, was in the same program with Zadornov. And this wonderful man continued to tell what he was telling: only now it was not about that person, but about Drobotenko.

And Mikhail Nikolaevich (Zadornov. – Approx. Ed.) – a special person. Everyone who talked with him knew that for the sake of a red phrase, for the success of a second, his father would not regret it. Well, maybe he would have regretted his father, but we, young artists, are not. When he was asked once, he said: "Of course, I go in somehow, and they are sitting in the jacuzzi." And that’s all. Seryozha was generally in shock; for a long time he did not communicate with him. Well, then Mikhail Nikolayevich apologized, that is, there was some moment of reconciliation.

Maksim GalkinMaksim Galkin

About fictitious marriages in show business

I believe that personal life is a personal matter for everyone. People live and live, I absolutely do not care. Otherwise, is everything honest with us in our country? Is this the last question to be resolved? That is, everything is fair, the elections are fair, only it remains for the gays to declassify, and everything will be fine. This should happen naturally. The time will come, we will come to a different level of development, and this will happen naturally. Therefore, I do not see a problem at all.

I have gay friends: I don’t see them suffering from the fact that they hide it. There are also the hopes of the viewer. Women come to concerts of singers, especially if this is a young singer. These women are hoping for something. Life is not about honesty at all, life is about love. And love consists in not hurting a person. It’s very different: a spectator, a lonely woman who comes to a concert of some singer, and for her this fairy tale is important that this singer wants her.

I respect the choice of Ricky Martin, who admitted. But where is the popularity that he had now? This is not comparable to what it was when he sang his Livin 'la Vida Loca and officially loved women. And who needs this truth? There is an image, a certain image. Jean Marais wrote that he loves men, before his death, when it could not hurt his career.

We know the countries in which this happened when the prime minister is openly gay. But this is not possible with us. This is impossible, because we, at least for the most part, are Orthodox. We do not yet have gender equality. What kind of gays are we talking about if we still have women who are largely oppressed? This is some other step, it is too early to talk about it. And from what one star says, the other … nothing will change. In addition, people will be surprised that there are so many. This is untimely, unnecessary and will not contribute to the development of society in any way.

Irina Shikhman and Maxim GalkinIrina Shikhman and Maxim Galkin

About jokes about Putin

I have no feeling that I am working on a regimen. In all my life there hasn’t been such a thing as to limit me to something for what I say at my concerts. And while I can be ironic, joke about the existing regime, I can work. As soon as I cannot do this, I will not work. I should be able to amuse people, including telling them the truth. More often than not, nothing is as funny as the bitter truth. I’m most often taken away from the opportunity to broadcast it through the “box”, but this is not my lack of freedom. It doesn’t bother me.

Nobody has ever limited me, and this is true. Including when I spoke to Vladimir Vladimirovich. No one asked me for a text in advance that I would be joking now.

Maksim GalkinMaksim GalkinFirstly, the king-priest, I think, knows everything that is happening in this country, and if something suits him, then this is his view of these things. To retrain an adult who has been leading the country for so many years – first of all, I didn’t have such opportunities to privately burn with the verb the heart of the king-father. I’m talking about big concerts: on Police Day, Day of Internal Troops … I go on stage, people are sitting, including him. I am fun for everyone, including the irony of him.

And when I was last at the “Slavic Bazaar” and they tried to limit me all the time in jokes about Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko, I did the exact opposite. This is how to tell the surgeon: "Do the operation, but we won’t give you the scalpel today, here’s the plug!" The event where the president sits and the parodist comes out is impossible for me not to joke about him. Moreover, I do not understand the fear that new comedians have. Why the hell are you doing this if you can't make a joke?

About his political position

I – absolute democrat and always voted for the Democrats. Of course, the more I am in the public sphere, the less youthful maximalism I have about where to lead this country, where I would lead this country. How different people live in this vast territory, that I do not have my own know-how. To tell what this power is to blame for is not difficult. Moreover, now it is increasingly becoming apparent. But I have no recipe.

Maksim GalkinMaksim Galkin


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