Olga Orlova spoke about her husband-sponsors, the conflict with Shepelev and the affair with Davletyarov


Olga Orlova spoke about her husband-sponsors, the conflict with Shepelev and the affair with Davletyarov

Olga Orlova

The heroine of the new issue of the YouTube show "Alena, Damn!" became 42-year-old Olga Orlova. The former soloist of the group "Brilliant", and now the TV presenter of the show "Dom-2" talked about her high-profile novels, about her husband-sponsors and commented on the conflict with Dmitry Shepelev. Orlova was friends with the deceased Zhanna Friske and became the godmother of her son Plato. In a new interview, Olga admitted that she had not communicated with the boy for more than two years, since his father was against this communication.

About scandals and his godson Plato

I believe that everything that happened after Jeanne left was all very wrong. Started swearing, dirty linen shook in front of people – it should not be so. I have a girlfriend. I love her very much, I loved, I will love. She is my friend and mother of my godfather. For me, the memory of her is holy. I have been called many times to comment on these situations. I do not want, because I am the godmother of Plato. I do not want him to ever find my unflattering remarks about his father, whom he loves and lives with. Of course, this situation, in my opinion, is very unfair that I do not see my godson.

Shot from a YouTube show
Shot from the YouTube show "Alena Damn!"

About his conflict with Dmitry Shepelev

Dima, apparently, was offended by me because I supported my parents (parents of Jeanne Friske. – Approx. Ed.). I did not go to any of the TV channels and did not say anything. I have remained silent and still keep it. Yes, I have my own truth. I am the godmother of Plato and want to act in his interests. It's important for me. Moreover, the memory of Joan is important to me. I am not going to participate in any dirt. <…> Dima is the father of the child. He has all the rights to a child. He owes nothing to anyone. For him, the question that I am a godmother is not important at all. I have no rights to Plato. What can I say? I don’t know what I did. At some point, Dima stopped responding to me messages.

Olga Orlova and Zhanna Friske
Olga Orlova and Zhanna Friske

About support from ex-husband Alexander Karmanov (sponsor of the TV show "Dom-2") and his other ex-lovers

I believe that a man must support his woman in any endeavors. Because your husband is a wall next to which you are comfortable. And if the husband allows you to do some favorite things, then you have a cool husband. He loves you and gives you the opportunity to be in comfortable and harmonious conditions.

About the five-year romance with producer Renat Davletyarov

We were ice and fire. He had a very complex character, and I also have a character. Then I did not have enough wisdom to properly relate to this. I believe that many conflicts are due to the fact that people do not know how to react correctly to some situation. At that time, I was not wise enough to react correctly, so I can’t take the blame from myself. We are in a very tender relationship so far. Call up, always congratulate each other on his birthday, Happy New Year. We are in touch.

Olga Orlova

About cheating

If I wanted to be with my husband further, I would forgive the betrayal. I am a tolerant person, I can forgive. The important thing is not what you would forgive, but how you ask for this forgiveness. For me, this moment is much more important. I can forgive everything. Only you ask me correctly. And when I see that you really repent and are not ready to lose me, I will forgive.

Olga Orlova

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Images from the YouTube show "Alena, Damn!" / Archive SPLETNIK.RU


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