Pelagia announced a divorce from her husband, hockey player Ivan Telegin


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Pelagia announced a divorce from her husband, hockey player Ivan Telegin

Ivan Telegin and Pelagia with daughter

The fact that in the family life of 33-year-old singer Pelageya and her spouse, 27-year-old hockey player Ivan Telegin is not going smoothly, they said for a long time. And today, the star confirmed the information about the separation from the athlete.

Yes, we still decided to leave. Everything happens for everyone, we all make mistakes … I have no regrets about three years of family life. But this is where our story ended. I want to believe that we will be able to maintain respect for each other and the desire to be good parents for Tasha.

Despite the fact that any divorce is an unpleasant process, we maintain loyalty and hope that we will be able to resolve all issues intelligently, with dignity and as it should. I believe that people will understand me and will not blame me. Well, life goes on. Do not stop cheering for Russian hockey! Good for everyone (Hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. – Approx. Ed.),

– wrote Pelagia on Instagram.

Recall that Pelagia and Ivan Telegin married three years ago, the couple has a daughter Taisiyawhich will soon be three years old. Rumor has it that the reason for the breakup was a new Telegin novel with a young model Marie. To Pelagia Telegin left his common-law wife, who bore him a son.

The first news was shared by a blogger olga_olga_olga.

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