Results of the year 2019: the main stellar beauty transformations


Results of the year 2019: the main stellar beauty transformations

Britney Spears

Throughout the year, celebrities surprised us with a new hair color or hairstyle. From bright green strands of Billy Ailish to haircut under zero Evangeline Lilly – SPLETNIK.RU collected photos of stars who changed their image in 2019.

Kaya Gerber, 18 years old

At the end of the year, the model decided to change her hairstyle. In early December, daughter Cindy Crawford shared in the microblog a frame on which she showed a square. In addition, Kaya painted a darker shade, choosing a monochrome chestnut.

Kaya Gerber

Zoe Kravitz, 31

In late November, the star of the series "Big little lie"(Big Little Lies) published a selfie to show off her new haircut. The model got rid of dreadlocks and made a pixie. Nikki Elms was responsible for the hairstyle.

Zoe Kravitz

Selena Gomez, 27 years old

In September, the performer of the hit Lose You to Love Me dyed her hair blonde and cut her hair short. In November, the star again decided on a beauty experiment and came to AMA ceremony with a bob-length chin, and recently made a torn textured haircut and cut her bangs.

Selena Gomez

Alyssa Milano, 47

For the mini-series The Now, the actress repainted in a purple tint. On November 19, the star demonstrated a new image on Instagram.
Meet Sarah – a tow truck driver. The series will premiere soon at Quibi, – wrote in the comments under the photo Milano.

Alyssa Milano

Hilary Duff, 32

The actress also decided to change the image for the filming. Duff introduced a new hairstyle in the style of the 1970s. She played in The Haunting of Sharon Tate, playing the role of the late actress, and was probably inspired by her image. Hilary traditionally posted a photo on Instagram, expressing gratitude to her stylist Nikki Lee. After the transformation, the actress appeared an elongated bang, divided by a straight parting into two equal parts.

Hilary Duff

Bella Hadid, 23

On November 15, the younger sister Gigi Hadid at the Vogue's Fashion Festival photo call appeared with a new hairstyle – an elongated bean. The model was immediately compared with Kim Kardashian. However, a month later, at the show of the Dior men's collection in Miami, Bella already wore long hair. What star image do you like more?

Bella Hadid

Emma Roberts, 28

The actress is sure that change is always a good idea. Therefore, she easily exchanged her platinum blond for a dark chestnut hue. Then the fans of the star suspected that such a suddenly awakened passion for change is connected with parting with Evan Peters.

Emma Roberts

Jennifer Lopez, 50

November 12th Jennifer Lopez surprised followers with a new hairstyle. The star, who recently preferred long hair, trusted the stylist Chris Appleton and cut her hair. Now Lopez is a honey blonde with a short asymmetric bean.

Jennifer Lopez

Billy Elish, 18

The singer made a new hairstyle, without expecting it herself. Without revealing the name of the unfortunate stylist, the star said that some had dyed her hair and simply burned half. For the first time, fans saw Billy with the same “random” haircut mallet at the LACMA ART + Film ceremony in Los Angeles. Long strands remained black, and on the top of the hair dyed green.

Billy ailish

Evangeline Lilly, 40

But Evangeline Lilly decided not to resort to the help of a stylist, and with the help of scissors and a razor she cut her hair on her own. The actress published several videos of the entire process and asked fans:
Stop or continue? In the commercials, Evangeline did not show the final result. Totally bald, she appeared before the followers after some time.

Evangeline lilly

Britney Spears, 38

In the fall, the singer, who was blonde throughout her career, suddenly repainted in a dark shade. However, for a long time Britney in the image of a burning brunette did not pass. On October 15, the singer returned to the usual image of a blonde and laid out a selfie with a comment:
It seems to me that blondes live happier.

Britney Spears

Liv Tyler, 42 years

The Lord of the Rings star at the premiere of the filmTo the stars"(Ad Astra), which took place in September, suddenly appeared with a thick bang. The famous stylist Renato Kampora was responsible for the transformation.

Liv Tyler

Ivanka Trump, 38 years old

President's daughter during a trip to Colombia in September visited opening ceremony of the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs. We used to see Ivanka with her signature long curls, so her new short haircut (elongated square) was a big surprise.

Body language experts found a secret meaning in the new image of the star. One of them, Arva Mahdawi, said that Trump decided to cut his hair on the eve of the new US presidential election, which will be held in 2020, for a reason.

Ivanka Trump

Tallulah Willis, 25

Daughter Demmy Moor and Bruce Willis surprised her followers on Instagram with a new image. On the first of December, the girl cut off her curls and repeated the image of her mother from the 1990 film “Ghost” (Ghost).

Tallulah Willis

Results of the year – 2019: whose transformation seems most spectacular to you?


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