Santa tracker 2019 for iPhone, Mac, and iPad is now live


Google has recently launched its Santa tracker 2019, which allows smartphone, laptop, and tablet users to see where Santa is going.

Santa tracker 2019

Google has carried on this holiday tradition for about sixteen years total. iPad, Mac and iPhone users should be able to join in on the magic by opening the tracker on a web browser and going to the official Santa Tracking site.

Here, you’ll be able to see a ‘live’ map of where Santa currently is, where he’s going and a live feed of the jolly man’s journey. Moreover, users will know his ETA at each location.

The website shows photos of locations, a gift count and Santa’s distance from where you are. It offers games and videos to pass the time with as you wait for Santa to come down the chimney.

There are several other Santa trackers available, but Google’s is by far the most detailed and interactive of all.


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