Taylor Swift was taken in pajamas and … did she gain weight there?



The artist shared the video with the networks and turned on speculation.

The popularity, talent and charm of Taylor Swift have no limits. It is precisely because of these properties that she awakens all sorts of passions and is now being filmed by millions in pajamas.

The singer and songwriter used the Christmas celebrations to share a video with her followers on Instagram wearing red nightwear.


When filming the famous blonde made her fans aware of the creative process of one of her productions. However, there was the detail that caught the attention of more than one.

A wave of comments towards the artist was generated in cyberspace because the pajamas she used in the first fragment of the video looked a bit “puffed up” on the front.

The recording was uploaded to social networks a day ago and has already exceeded three million seven hundred reproductions. It was also criticized.

Even though the famous Decided to remove the option of commenting on their publications some time ago, their “haters” had no problem commenting in other ways.

“I don’t know if the video’s point of view is right or not, but it seems clear that there is something that wasn’t there before,” some internet users said after the post by the USA,

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