What makeup to do on New Year's Eve: shows the editors SPLETNIK.RU


What makeup to do on New Year's Eve: shows the editors SPLETNIK.RU


New Year's Eve is one of the days when one wants to make a bright makeup. From glitter-studded lips to rich emerald smoky and pastel blue shades in the 80s style, SPLETNIK.RU editors showcase five beauty bows created by M.A.C makeup artists to help you finish the decade in style and meet a new one.

Monochrome shadows and pearl jewelery

Such makeup will be appropriate in real life, and not just in the series "Euphoria" (Euphoria). Pastel blue shadows came to us from the 1980s, but they look relevant today. And to flicker all New Year's Eve, add shining elements in the form of pearl rhinestones.

Lisa releasing editor
Lisa releasing editorWe made a fairly simple monochrome makeup with one shade of eyeshadow. We used a persistent tonal agent Studio Fix, a light frosty blush was painted with Please Me lipstick. We applied it to both the lips and the apples of the cheeks. In the second case, they did it with a fluffy brush to get the effect of kissed lips, – explained makeup artist Dilyara Urambasheva.

Lisa releasing editor

For eye makeup, a blue sky shade of Denim Genes from the Rockin 'Rebel palette was used, and eyelashes were lengthened with In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara mascara.

Beautyhack: how to choose a shade for the shape of the eyes

The main thing is to shade the shadows in the direction of the century. If the eyelid is lowered, there is no need to try to lift it strongly, it is better to make a more “direct” shading.

Glossy bronze makeup

If your goal is to shimmer wherever possible, then give preference to bronze shades. Glitter of metal shadows, glare on the cheekbones and glossy skin, like after a couple of hours spent under the scorching sun – these are the components of a spectacular image.

Yana, news feed editor
Yana, news feed editorYana has rather dark skin, so we chose bronze shadows, shaded a black pencil, made a smoky arrow. The main emphasis is the metallic sheen. A matte nude lipstick in the cult shade of Velvet Teddy was applied to the lips. To make the image seductive, the skin was made as if wet,

– said the expert.

Yana, news feed editor

We used Studio Fix foundation – this is an indispensable product for all events (it will survive the New Year's Eve "without loss"), Pro Longwear concealer, sculpting powder in Harmony shade and pink blush from the Sweet Love mineral series.

Emerald smoky eyes

When using bright shadows, it is better to start the entire make-up with eye makeup, and only then apply a tone. We used medium density foundation, worked the cheekbones so that the face looked embossed on the dance floor and in the dark. The final touch is a transparent gloss (neither a pencil nor lipstick was used). Wet radiance on the skin was achieved using Prep + Prime Fix, – said Olga Ruchkina.

Polina, editorial producer

For eye makeup, they used the Rockin 'Rebel palette, Pro Longwear Paint Pot eye shadow in the Layin Low shade, glitters, Eye Brows Styler eyebrow pencil, sculptor Harmony, New Romance blush and Lipglass Clear shine.

Red glitter lips

One of the first glitters on the lips was introduced by makeup artist Pat McGrath. Then, for makeup at the Versace show in 2016, she used red sparkles and with their help she achieved a gradient overflow of shades. According to the most authoritative makeup artist, in order to create a fresh image with sparkles, you need to apply them on a “bare” face.

Elizabeth Beauty Editor
Elizabeth Beauty Editor

We applied Preprime Lip base and persistent Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Fashion legacy shade (champagne and snacks – she can't do anything). If there is no base at hand, then a moisturizing balm is suitable. You need to apply it with a thick layer for 10 minutes and gently pat it dry with a napkin. On top without any backing, we applied friable Glitter glitter in a Ruby hue. This should be done carefully, if the glitter still crumbled, then ordinary tape will help. On New Year's Day, there aren’t many sparkles, so they added glitter in the Brilliants shade to the eyes, – said the makeup artist.

Elizabeth Beauty Editor

Since the lips are bright red, the tone should be perfect. We used the Studio Fix tint, the Pro Concealer and Correct concealer palette, and the Studio Fix Sculpt and Shape Contour palette.

Maria, video department editor
Maria, video department editor

To repeat the make-up, you will need Dazzleshadow Liquid cream shades of Diamond Crumbles shade, Technakohl Liner pencil-pencil in Cool jazz shade, light water-based foundation and Face and Body Foundation, Dazzleglass lip gloss, Mineralize Blush mineral shades of Warm Soul shade.

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