Beauty digest: from Gohar Avetisyan's New Year's collection to Christmas tree hairstyles


Beauty digest: from Gohar Avetisyan's New Year's collection to Christmas tree hairstyles

Vera Brezhneva

Shine Is and makeup artist Gohar Avetisyan presented the New Year collection, Vera Brezhneva became the face of Herbal Essences, and instagram users dress their hair in Christmas toys like a Christmas tree and actively publish the results of their work on the network. What else was said this week in the world of beauty – read in our material.

Shine Is and makeup artist Gohar Avetisyan launched the New Year's collection

Cosmetic brand Shine Is and makeup artist Gohar Avetisyan have developed a line of facial skin care and makeup preparations. The capsule collection includes four products that will help create a bright New Year's image: Pure Purity Fresh Control Gel, and two shining mystic spray Cosmic Moisturizing Shimmer Face Mist and Treasure Moisturizing Shimmer Face Mist (in a cold and warm shade )

Gohar Avetisyan

Perhaps the most tempting remedy is the Happy Dust Glitter Gel for face and body (you can cover it at least completely, as Gohar herself did in the photo from the advertising campaign). Funds from the collection can already be bought in the flagship Shine Is boutique in the Metropolis shopping center and in the brand’s online store.

The main night of the year is just around the corner. Many probably already pulled out reindeer sweaters and dusted off their festive decor, and now it's time to be creative in the field of beauty. For some, New Year is pretty much a new Halloween.

Creative netizens make a Christmas tree out of hair on their heads. To do this, lay the hair up (like Marge Simpson) in the shape of a triangle or cone (you may need an empty bottle or a roller), and then fix the pyramid of curls with varnish.

You can decorate the resulting Christmas tree with tiny toys or tinsel (bulbs look especially good). Hairstyle is a great way to become a party star or distract guests from political debate.

Vera Brezhnev became the face of Herbal Essences

The Herbal Essences brand is returning to the Russian market (10 years later). Representing shampoos, balms and hair masks will be the singer and actress Vera Brezhneva.

For me, the foundation of beauty is the love we have for ourselves, for our loved ones and for the planet. It is natural beauty that is most attractive when you don’t want to change anything radically, you feel harmony in everything and always remain yourself. I gladly accepted the offer to become a brand ambassador, because our values ​​coincide, – said the star.

Vera Brezhneva
Vera Brezhneva

The composition of the products has also been updated – now they are 90 percent natural ingredients (all of them checked by experts at the Royal Kew Botanical Gardens in London).

Holiday Makeup Ideas

For those who have not yet decided on a festive make-up, the team of stylists of the beauty salon Cesare Ponti presented a special seasonal New Year’s lookbook.


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