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$30 splurge pick: Roku Express HD 2019

OK, now we’re going a bit beyond the original $25 price limit. But everything from here on costs no more than $10 extra. So if you stretch that budget a bit, you can get some seriously cool gadgets.

First up is the new Roku Express HD — while it’s normally $30, at the moment, it actually is less than $25 — but even at its normal $30 pricetag it’s still worth it. If you can’t quite afford its $50 step-up siblings, Roku’s basic model is still a nice way to turn any HDTV into a top-notch video streamer. It’s got access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Go and every other big online video service. It also offers the Roku Channel, a totally free (albeit ad-supported) service with plenty of mainstream Hollywood hits.

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