Egyptian actress Mai Omar stuns in a $15 million wedding dress


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Talk about bling

Every year, Egyptian designer Hany el-Behairy ends his annual fashion show with an extravagant wedding dress, that is valued to cost millions. In every show, the ball-gown is presented by an actress or singer and this year, Mai Omar strutted down the runway wearing the dress of the hour.

In a star-studded event attended by the biggest names in Egypt, the Rayah El Madam actress turned heads as she walked down the cat-walk in a $15 million dress. Mai stunned in the world’s most expensive wedding dress, which is heavily embellished with diamonds and gemstones.

The new mother looked like a blushing bride in the high-low gown, which looks like a mini dress from the front. Despite having a shorter front, the gown features and uber long train and wide veil with star patterns.

With this dress, the Egyptian designer ensured that he would close up his 100th fashion show with a bang. As the diamond encrusted gown became the talk of the town.

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