Ksenia Sobchak's new show: about the death of the gloss, sympathy for Ernst and the marriage of Lavrentieva and Tsypkin


Ksenia Sobchak's new show: about the death of the gloss, sympathy for Ernst and the marriage of Lavrentieva and Tsypkin

Ksenia Sobchak

The other day 38-year-old Ksenia Sobchak presented her new show called "Sugchak Sugar-Free", which will now regularly appear on the Yandex. Air service. The host dedicated the first issue to zero: in it she talked about the dying trends of the last decade, and together with the co-host, the popular Instagram blogger texnosergey (he does not appear in the frame), she discussed the latest news. SPLETNIK.RU chose the most interesting quotes from this show.

Ksenia SobchakKsenia Sobchak

About plastic surgery

To me very like small breasts. Incidentally, she is very beautiful: very modest, but beautiful. All the while, they write to me under posts that I did an unlimited number of operations. I would like to ask these people: do you really think that if I wanted to have plastic surgery and improve myself, would I choose all this to myself? Do you think I'm so crazy?

About fashion awards and the death of gloss

At the last glossy awards I was not, and, frankly, not just. Well, it's some kind of, frankly, a dull relic of the past. Why do advertisers like the presentation of these plastic bullshit so much? Why are they asking for their beloved millions for this? Last year, GQ was crushed by feminists, and the "Woman of the Year" award within the "Man of the Year" was canceled, and thank God! And by the way, I made a big speech on this subject on GQ Prizes. And I was the first to say from the stage that this was some kind of humiliation: what kind of "Woman of the Year" is in the framework of "Man of the Year"? In this sense, they and the feminists listened. But in general, these endless awards from the series “On the ring are the same” – it's impossible to watch just more.

Ksenia Sobchak

By the way, the gloss is dying quietly, and thank God! It’s nice at least that schizophrenic nominations like “Atmosphere of Success” and “The Essence of Things” have gone. But at the same time, the nominations "Strength of Inner Beauty" remained. As I understand it, this is generally done for advertisers. Cheap champagne just comes in and says, "Damn, I want an ad."

About the wedding with Konstantin Bogomolov

Well this is such a funny trash! We are did the weddingso that everything was there! There wasn’t just dancing on the newspaper, that’s what I was worried about. I wanted a newspaper dance and a pencil in a bottle. We wanted to collect the whole *****. What n ***** without Baskov guys?

About Konstantin Ernst and smart men

It turned outthat before the meeting, Sophia Ernst read Wikipedia right under the table in order to maintain a conversation with Konstantin Lvovich. Well, by the way, I understand her in this, because when I talk with Konstantin Lvovich, my nerves also shake. He really is a very educated person, and everyone has the opportunity to feel like an uneducated idiot. This is not very nice.

Ernst is awesome. Well, that's objective. I would blow, as they say. I really like him. Well, I already love Bogomolov, but Ernst is a very smart and talented person. Women fall in love with talent and the mind. It is you (men. – Approx. ed.), assholes, fall in love with boobs and asses. And women, like smart, highly developed creatures, fall in love with the brain. You can fall in love with Wassermann.

Ksenia Sobchak

In principle, I don’t need anything anymore, I’ve been coaching for a long time, I’m deeply married for the next couple of months. But if I could like some men, it would be Konstantin Ernst, Alexander Mamut … In general, there are few people who are caustic and cool.

About the marriage of Oksana Lavrentieva and Alexander Tsypkin

Young blood … X *** good, as they say? So I look and think: poor Oksana (Oksana Lavrentieva. – Approx.ed.), where to you skidded with this Tsypkin (Alexander Tsypkin. – Approx. Ed.)? Now on a rave, on Ibiza … Yes, I'd be crazy! Well, young blood! He drags her to Ibiza: a new DJ has arrived … Do you need a dick? Listen, leave me alone, I don’t want any fashionable DJ, I better go to the play, to the Philharmonic, I read a book with Ernst.

Ksenia Sobchak


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