Wife of Cheer Chen’s boyfriend speaks up about the scandal


27 Dec – Despite already addressing the issue concerning her relationship with a married man earlier, Cheer Chen has found herself becoming the target of the man’s wife’s fury.

As reported on Mingpao, following news about the singer’s romance, the man’s wife recently spoke up and expressed her anger towards Cheer, saying that the latter’s relationship with her husband constitutes family harassment.

The other party also expressed disbelief over Cheer’s previous statement that she didn’t know about her boyfriend’s marital status, adding that she will not hesitate to take legal action.

In response to the woman’s accusation, Cheer’s company expressed their apology yet again on behalf of the singer-songwriter, saying that she is blaming herself for the harm caused by her lack of knowledge about the man’s status.

Cheer also stressed that she has immediately ended their relationship following the news and is no longer in communication with him.

(Photo Source: Cheer Chen Instagram)


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