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MALAYSIA – Malaysia is a multi-cultural country, and that is being reflected in its variety of cuisines. With strong influences from China, India and Indonesia, Malaysian food has become what it is today – a collision of interesting ingredients and flavours.

Here are your top searches for food of 2019.


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Chili fish head curry. (PHOTO: Getty Images)


Fish head curry

One of the most sought-after curries in Malaysia is the fish head curry. Commonly found at many Indian eateries called “mamak”, fish head curry is ordered as an additional dish to go with steamed white rice.

Roti prata or canai set with curry, dhal and sambal. Favorite breakfast in Malaysia


Roti canai 

These fluffy, pastry-like breads are part of Malaysia’s unique cuisine. Crispy, flaky and the perfect accompaniment to dhal and curry sauces, roti canai is served at street stalls around the clock.

Bak kut teh. (PHOTO: Getty Images)


Bak kut teh

Bak kut teh which literally means “meat bone tea” is a broth-based dish with a strong herbal taste. It is cooked using pork and Chinese herbs. 

Assam laksa. (PHOTO: Getty Images)


Assam laksa

Assam laksa is a flavourful, tangy, and spicy Malaysian fish-based rice noodle soup. It is synonymous to the island of Penang and is an all-time favourite there.

Rojak. (PHOTO: Getty Images)



Blessed with an abundance of tropical fruits and vegetables, Malaysians often take a variety of ingredients and mix them together into a tasty salad called rojak. To describe something as rojak is to imply a jumbled mix.

Nasi lemak. (PHOTO: Getty Images)


Nasi lemak

Nasi lemak is a Malay fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. It is commonly found in Malaysia, where it is considered the national dish. It can also be found in neighbouring areas with significant Malay populations such as Singapore, Brunei, and Southern Thailand.

Malaysian pancake or apam balik. (PHOTO: Getty Images)


Apam balik

Apam balik is a sweet Malaysian peanut pancake turnover stuffed with a sugary, buttery peanut filling. It gets its name from the way the pancake is folded or ‘turned over’. 

Nasi kerabu. (PHOTO: Getty Images)


Nasi kerabu

Nasi kerabu is a Malay rice dish, a type of nasi ulam, in which blue-coloured rice is eaten with dried fish or fried chicken, crackers, pickles and other salads. The blue colour of the rice comes from the petals of Clitoria ternatea (butterfly-pea) flowers (bunga telang) used in cooking it.

Hokkien Mee noodles. (PHOTO: Getty Images)


Hokkien mee

Apparently, there are are versions of Hokkien mee in Malaysia. Hokkien char mee from Kuala Lumpur is a fried yellow noodle dish braised in dark soya sauce while Penang hokkien hae mee (prawn noodles) is another yellow noodle dish served in a rich spicy and flavourful prawn broth.

The Hokkien Mee is a highly popular local favourite in Malaysia.

Malaysian beef rendang. (PHOTO: Getty Images)


Beef rendang

Beef rendang is an extravagantly rich dish that is easy to prepare but takes time and patience to slow cook. Unlike many curries, this is a “dry” curry which means the beef is not swimming in sauce.

Beef rendang is best eaten with steamed rice and condiments such as fried onions and chili pieces.


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