Elon Musk says Disney Plus coming to Tesla cars ‘soon’


Musk says Disney Plus will be added to Theater Mode “soon.”

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Ol’ Elon is at it again, tweeting the news that Disney Plus will soon be available in your Tesla
via the car’s Theater Mode. The confirmation came via a reply to the Tesla Owners of Massachusetts account on Thursday.

Part of the latest Tesla Version 10.0 update, Theater Mode uses the car’s huge center screen to run streaming video from services such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, but only while the car is parked (and presumably charging). Hey, it’s something to pass the time while you juice up at one of Tesla’s Superchargers, anyway.

Of course, Musk didn’t give any more information about when we’ll see the service, so we can’t say for sure when Disney Plus will make its way to Theater Mode. However, other replies indicate that Disney Plus content is already available anyway, so there might be a decent workaround in place for now.

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