Goodbye to the tech that died in 2019 – Video


This is CNET.
And as we look back on the year, here’s some of the tech that died in 2019.
The lovable Smart Home assistant g Bo is no more.
It used facial recognition and voice commands to do various tasks like answer questions, play games, make small talk and do little countertop dances.
But at $900 it was too expensive to compete with smart speakers from Amazon and Google.
And this was a sad goodbye as G both servers shut down.
The disconnected robot was delivering the news of its own death to owners.
Bidding farewell forever.
It was a tough year for companion robots.
Onki also powered down, which is the company behind Vector.
It was an advanced toy-like countertop robot that interacted with voice and facial recognition.
Here’s another home helper that’s gone: Amazon Dash Buttons.
These little buttons would order more of an item with a press of a button.
It was quaint in 2015.
But who needs a button for one item when a smart speaker can order anything you need.
We also say goodbye this year to a few virtual reality headsets.
Google stop selling the Daydream view headset with no support for future Android devices.
And the Samsung gear VR headset is also dead with companies wanting to focus the future on AR instead of VR.
Sometimes a gadget is killed off before it even launches.
Apple cancelled plans to make its air power wireless charging pad.
In the realm of entertainment, the streaming was claimed a victim with Sony shutting down its tv service Play Station view.
And movie pass said the end to its theater going subscription service.
Turns out $10 a month for unlimited movies is not a sustainable business.
What a twist.
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