How to maintain beauty and health in the New Year holidays: cosmetologists, doctors and nutritionists tell


How to maintain beauty and health in the New Year holidays: cosmetologists, doctors and nutritionists tell

Four days later, the whole country will meet a new, 2020 year. December and January holidays are not only fun, relaxation with family and exchange of gifts. On the other hand, a long vacation is stress for the body (which is a huge feast for our liver). We talked with a nutritionist, cosmetologist, neurologist and other experts and compiled a survival guide for the New Year holidays. SPLETNIK.RU asked experts how to not only rest from the hardships of the past year, but also to avoid possible health problems.

Poisoning and other stomach problems

Let's start with the most obvious: according to experts of the Center for Neurology Dr. Shakhnovich, the most common reason for going to the doctor in early January is perhaps alcohol or food poisoning. There are usually two reasons for this – the quantity and quality of alcohol or food consumed.

When a person absorbs one or even several daily calories in a couple of hours, there is a risk that his digestive system will malfunction. Therefore, the first advice sounds corny – eat in moderation.

It is also worth adding: do not skip breakfast on the 31st and do not starve yourself before the feast. If during the feast you feel that you have overdone, take sorbents and drink plenty of fluids to cleanse the body to the maximum.

Do not diet for two days, then later afford more

In my experience working with clients, eating less during the day to “make room” for a denser meal later is a bad idea. You will still eat more calories than you planned. In order to get rid of guilt, you’re trying to compensate for all the “damage” to the figure that you inflicted by training a little more than usual, – said nutritionist Wendy Lopez.

Ultimately, the holiday season is just a few days a year. How you ate during the holidays should not determine how you eat until the end of the year.

Problems with the cardiovascular system

If a person is at risk for neurological diseases, has problems with pressure, or has suffered a heart attack or stroke, he should not forget about the following rules. Do not succumb to universal euphoria and do not abuse fatty, salty or fried foods. It is better to limit yourself to plant foods, salads without sauces, and also eat more fruits and vegetables. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption or completely abandon it. Sleep and listen fully to your internal clock, and also avoid excessive physical exertion, – says neurologist Viktor Shakhnovich.

Skin Care Procedures

For more disciplined cosmetologist at the Remedy Lab clinic, Nadezhda Sklyarova offers a set of procedures that will take a couple of weeks, but will please you with fresh glowing skin right at the end of the holidays.

You can start with plasmolifting (Regen Lab PRP-therapy), for which the patient’s own blood is used, namely plasma enriched with platelets. This injection procedure starts the regeneration of skin cells. Plasma therapy makes it possible to "wake up" the skin and thereby prepare it for further care procedures. Plasma lifting can be done once before an important event or course (once every four weeks).

In the complex, 10 days or two weeks after plasma therapy, you can do one of the skin type treatments: Danne enzyme therapy or “Korean-style care”. They moisturize and soothe, eliminate hyperkeratosis (densification of the outer part of the epidermis), even out the skin surface and tone, – recommends an expert.

So, in two or three days you can begin the final stage – photorejuvenation (exposure to light). BBL Forever Young helps with rosacea, relieves redness, or makes nasal vessels and age spots less visible. What is most pleasant – the procedure is painless and does not require rehabilitation.

Additionally, you can work out the skin in the Skintyte mode (infrared thermal lifting). The procedure warms up the dermis, stimulating the production of collagen and increasing skin elasticity. The perfect solution for the neck area, which patients always forget – adds the expert.

Red, swollen eyes

Watching the "blue light" until the morning, the ongoing parties, excessive consumption of food and drinks, and then the careless removal of makeup – all this can lead to the fact that the eyes will look red and swollen.

Lie down and place a cold cotton pad or chilled gel mask on your eyes for 10 minutes. This will reduce swelling. To prepare for a brisk morning, soak cotton balls in water, smooth them with your fingers and put in the freezer. Remember that many drops compress blood vessels, but the effect of their use is short-lived. Then the eyes can become even more red Says Anne Sumers, an ophthalmologist in New Jersey.

Swollen face

Too many cocktails or savory snacks – and in the morning many of us will wake up with a swollen face.

Products from the festive table are sometimes salty, and salt acts like a magnet. It makes our body hold water, because of this we swell, “Explains Bonnie Taub-Dicks, MD.

The main rule is to drink plenty of water. However, other decaffeinated fluids are also suitable: peppermint tea, which will also help with digestive problems (they may occur due to overeating).
In order not to provoke the appearance of bags under the eyes and swelling on the face during the night, sleep on two or three pillows, – advises Margaret Weiss, assistant professor of dermatology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore.


Stress, again fatty and sweet food – all this can adversely affect the skin. This is especially true for people with sensitive and dry skin.

Try to prevent acne with products containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. A week before an important event, use a five percent benzoyl peroxide lotion every night (apply it in a spot where acne usually appears), Says Diana Berson, assistant professor of dermatology at Cornell University in New York.

When the pimple has just appeared, put an ice cube on it for 5-10 minutes to reduce swelling, then dry the area and apply cream or gel with benzoyl peroxide with a clean cotton swab, – advises the expert.

Heavy legs

Running around the mall in search of perfect gifts, long holidays before work, home decoration – all this can lead to the fact that your legs will be in urgent need of care.

Alternate warm and cold foot baths: soak your feet in a warm water bath with a few tablespoons of sea salt for 10 minutes, then place them in a cold water bath for 10 minutes, then repeat. – advises Mona Sappenfield, owner of the Mona Spa.

This will help relieve stress and relieve swelling. After that, raise your legs (preferably above the level of the heart) and massage them, this will help stimulate blood circulation.

Dry scalp

Excessive use of styling products, drying hair with a hairdryer can make curls dry and split.

Use shampoo to deeply cleanse hair and scalp once a week to keep curls moisturized. Says Carmine Minardi, co-owner of the Minardi showroom in New York.

Kerastase's K Water Lamellar Care will also help. Despite the name, by no means water is applied to the hair. A light, clear liquid is a combination of glycol and caring agents. The product is fixed on the surface of the hair, creating a smooth film, thereby protecting against brittleness, facilitating combing and styling.


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