Ivan Telegin spoke about a divorce from Pelageya: "There is no fault of third parties in the collapse of our relations"


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Ivan Telegin spoke about a divorce from Pelageya:

Ivan Telegin and Pelagia

A couple of days ago, 33-year-old singer Pelageya announced about a divorce from 27-year-old hockey player Ivan Telegin. The star published a large post on the microblog, in which she noted that she did not regret about three years of family life, but this was the end of their story.

Ivan Telegin and Pelagia

Yesterday, the athlete also spoke out. He wrote that we all dream of meeting a single person and living with him all our lives, but, unfortunately, not always and not all of them succeed.

I am very glad that this relationship was in my life, I have a wonderful daughter, and I will always be grateful to Paul for everything that was between us, but it is difficult for two very strong personalities to get along together. The collapse of our relationship is not the fault of third parties, circumstances or events. We did not manage to save the family, but we will always support and help each other! (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. – Approx. ed.)– wrote Telegin.

Ivan Telegin and Pelagia

Thus, Ivan denies that their family broke up due to treason. Recently, a photo appeared on the network in which he and businesswoman Maria Gonchar are captured holding hands. Internet users decided that this is the alleged lover of the hockey player.

Recall that Pelagia and Ivan Telegin got married on June 16, 2016. The couple signed in the Kutuzovsky registry office of Moscow. In January 2017, the couple first became parents: their daughter Taisia ​​was born.

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