Jesse Jay shared her emotions after breaking up with Channing Tatum


Jesse Jay shared her emotions after breaking up with Channing Tatum

Jesse Jay and Channing Tatum

Recently it became known that Channing Tatum and his sweetheart jesse jay broke up. Moreover, according to insiders, they remained on friendly terms. The stars themselves did not comment on the gap, but yesterday the 31-year-old singer unexpectedly posted a story post on Instagram in which she talked about her feelings.

Belated emotional reaction, well … it's not so much fun

She wrote.

Jesse also shared a quote from the late Heath Ledger about happiness.

Everyone you meet is always interested in your career, marital status, or having a home, as if life is something like a shopping list. However, no one ever asks if you are happy

– once said the actor.

Jesse Jay and Channing Tatum

Recall that in April Tatum broke up with his ex-wife Jenna, with whom they continue to raise their six-year-old daughter Everly. Six months later, Channing began dating Jesse Jay. However, due to the busyness of the actor, they had to break off the relationship.

He is busy with his career, fatherhood and will travel a lot in the near future. He has a heap of affairs and projects, he tries to combine everything, but this is not easy. Now he has big plans, and besides this, he wants to be a good father for his child. Therefore, when he does not travel, he spends a lot of time with his daughter,

– said the source and noted that Channing and Jesse broke up "during".


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