Khachaturian sisters removed electronic bracelets




Khachaturian sisters removed electronic bracelets

Sisters Khachaturian with father

Employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) removed electronic bracelets from Sisters Khachaturian: Angels, Christening and Mary.

Sisters Khachaturian with father

From today, girls will be able to leave their place of residence even after 21:00 (due to the fact that the court did not extend the corresponding ban). Previously, they could not leave the living quarters at night. At the same time, according to lawyer Alexei Parshin, sisters still cannot communicate with each other, witnesses in the case and journalists. They are also prohibited from using the Internet and mobile phones.

Recall that the Khachaturian sisters are accused of killing their 57-year-old father in an apartment on Altufevskoye Shosse in Moscow on July 27 last year. Subsequently, it turned out that Michael was systematically mocked over the girls. The forensic medical examination established the facts of moral, physical and sexual abuse of Khachaturian over his daughters. Despite this, the Investigative Committee retrain the case for self-defense or to stop it did not. The defense intends to petition for a jury trial – this, in her opinion, can increase the sisters' chances of acquittal.

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