These Illustrated D&D Character Sheets are Perfect for People with Dyslexia — GeekTyrant


The Dungeons & Dragons community is thriving and growing like never before. With that growth, we’ve seen a lot of fans become creators of content for the game that others can more easily access thanks to the internet. One item that I’m sure many players and potential players will get excited about are the illustrated character sheets from byfrancitadesigns over on Etsy. These character sheets are designed to be better for people with dyslexia, plus I imagine younger players may benefit from their use as well. Heck, I think they look great and am tempted to use them myself!

These character sheets are form-fillable PDFs, so you don’t even have to print them off if you don’t want to. Plus, they’re very affordable at only $2.50 for the PDF. As an added bonus, all proceeds from the character sheet go to the International Dyslexia Association.


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