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In the Wanted section, we share new products from the world of beauty that you want to get right now. Today in our wishlist there is a line of Rodial brand new for Russia with “dragon blood”. The miracle ingredient (this is nothing but the dark red wood resin from the Amazon rainforests) promises long-lasting hydration, a firming and healing effect. We talk about the means that are recognized in love Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Margot Robbie, Elle Macpherson and Lady Gaga, in more detail.

Brand Rodial was founded by former beauty editor Maria Hatcistefanis in London in 1999. Now the brand’s products in cheerful multi-colored jars can be bought in 35 countries and in more than 2,000 luxury stores around the world, including Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Saks Fifth Avenue, and in December funds came to Russia. The brand is already represented in the Central Department Store, BURO.Beauty and Be Beauty Bar salons.

Dragon's Blood Rodial Moisturizer
Moisturizing cream Dragon's Blood, Rodial (7 221 rub.)

The brand’s assortment also includes decorative cosmetics (eye shadow, concealer, foundation, gloss and lipstick), as well as grooming lines: with diamond powder, with a dipeptide that mimics the effect of temple keffiyeh poison (such a poisonous snake), with bee venom, vitamin C and dragon blood.

Dragon's Blood Rodial Eye Gel
Eye gel Dragon's Blood, Rodial (7 221 rub.)

The latest collection has long been a bestseller. Dragon's Blood will interest not only fans of the Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones). A modeling gel (it is called a “liquid facelift”), a moisturizing night cream, a mask for eyes and lips are so good that Daenerys herself can use them to hide the traces of sleepless nights spent talking about the capture of Westeros.

Mask Dragon's Blood, Rodial
Mask Dragon's Blood, Rodial (5 508 rub.)

The mysterious ingredient called Dragon Blood is actually the dark red resin of the dragon tree. This is a medicinal plant, the juice of which has calming, wound healing, anti-inflammatory and other beneficial properties. It grows in the northwestern part of South America. The name "dragon's blood" comes from the Peruvian and Ecuadorian Spanish names for the tree – sangre de grado or sangre de drago (they translate as "dragon's blood").

Neck & Neck Cream Dragon's Blood, Rodial
Cream for the neck and decollete Dragon's Blood, Rodial (7 344 rub.)

A few years ago, this ingredient could only be found in lotions and creams; Now it is widely used in everything from lip plammers to anti-aging eye masks, where it provides antioxidant protection.

Cream Dragon's Blood, Rodial (9 179 rub.)

In general, "dragon blood" is suitable for all skin types, but people with allergies to latex should be careful (since latex and "dragon blood" are extracted from similar trees).

The composition of the products also includes Montana arnica extract (a perennial plant that grows mainly in the mountains), which helps to restore the elasticity of the area around the eyes and reduce puffiness, pink water and the ubiquitous hyaluronic acid.

Mist Dragon's Blood, Rodial
Mist Dragon's Blood, Rodial (4 651 rub.)

The range includes micellar water, a spray essence, a moisturizing lotion with sun protection, a gel for the neck and decollete, a gel eye mask and a moisturizing mask.

Micellar water Dragon's Blood, Rodial
Micellar water Dragon's Blood, Rodial (4 039 rub.)

The gel with a convenient pump was especially successful – you can use it to the last drop. It forms a shield, which acts as a "second skin", eliminates inflammation and reduces sensitivity, and also makes the skin more elastic. Importantly, it is enriched with a patented active collagen to enhance collagen synthesis, and it is responsible for elasticity.


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