2019 Volvo XC40: Meet our little long-term Swede – Video


Volvo XC 40 debuted last year most of roadshow staff agree that it was one of the best new compact SUVs and if little luxurious class.
In fact, we liked it so much we put our money where our mouth is and added it to our long term fleet.
Need our new 2019 Volvo XC 40 momentum t five all wheel drive and we’re going to find out over the next couple of months if that glowing first impression is a lasting one.
Now we stuck with the entry point momentum trim level Rather than the sporty or our design or more luxurious inscription, because it’s one of the best values in the lineup, and value is where the XC 40 shines brightest relative to its competitors.
Of course we have splurged a little bit we’ve upgraded to the T five power train, which pumps us up to 248 horsepower and 258 pound feet of torque.
It also adds all wheel drive to our eight speed automatic power trains.
Other quality of life upgrades include a premium package, which bumps us up to the Volvo Pilot Assist Driver Aide Suite and also a vision package which rounds out the rest of those safety features.
All-in, we’re looking at around 42,590 bucks, which is a little bit more than the 33,000 starting price but a far cry from the top that you can get this Current.
We’ve had this car for a while now we put just over 5000 miles on it.
And so far we’re averaging around 25 and a half miles per gallon which is just short of the EPA estimate of 26 miles per gallon combined.
But only just barely.
We’ve done a really good job over the last couple thousand miles of pulling that average up from a really bad estimate in the first couple of months.
And in that time we have also discovered a couple of nitpicks.
The first is going to be the electronic shifter.
I do not like how you have to double tap down to go into drive and then double tap forward to go into reverse.
My proclivity is just to tap back once for driving back forward for reverse and that is left me a lot of times stuck in neutral halfway in the road when i am trying to do a three point turn.
This is just a really weird shifter that takes a lot of getting used to My other nitpick’s gonna be with the seats, which I don’t really find comfortable for short trips or really long trips.
Though, I haven’t really spent a whole lot of time in this bucket, so maybe I just need to fiddle around with the settings a little bit more to find a really good position.
Check back with us in a couple of months and I’ll let you know whether I still hate These buckets are not.
Now we’ve already got a full review of the XC40 upontheroadshow.com.
You can check it out there.
But over the next few months we’re gonna be living with this thing day to day and it’s gonna be serving also as a production vehicle every now and then.
They’ll be [UNKNOWN] Finding all sorts of little nitpicky things that we love and hate about the vehicle.
So be sure to check back over the next few months and follow us on our journey with the XC 40.


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