CNET’s BEST bloopers of 2019 – Video


I’m probably gonna hurt myself if I do that.
Yeah, I’m not sure that’s a good idea.
But this is crazy, whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I don’t know where to look.
Do I look at you?
We know that phone cases are pretty tough, but are they tough enough to withstand an explosion?
I’m Lexi Savvides from CNET.
I’m Tory Belleci from the Explosion Show, and I mean we’re gonna blow some stuff today.
Three, two, one.
We’re starting off 2019 with a clear, is it clean slate?
Clean slate.
Lots of different opinions with Sony.
Sony, sorry.
Wanna [SOUND]
[LAUGH] This is going wrong.
How’s my hair?
Howis my hair?
I thought that.
Get it?
What’s for dinner?
Take it away.
It’s really cold.
I hope they don’t add filters.
I gotta do the dance actually.
Okay, this is just cruel now.
This is just you spraying me with water, all right.
Lots and lots of package deliveries.
You’re looking at what an unlikely.
You’re looking at what an.
Now I can’t say it.
Sound of like a dinosaur.
Three, two.
What I mean is like.
Wait, do that again.
There’s something very off.
Like [SOUND]
[LAUGH] It’s like a horn.
[LAUGH] Yeah.
Do you see how [UNKNOWN] Talk.
Just waiting to do that.
It will rip a little, and then it’ll get too long and you’ll tell us to shorten it.
So let’s start with the long version.
Welcome aboard, Dan.
Thank you, great to be here.
Thank you for the video, very nice.
It was very difficult making you look good.
[LAUGH] I love it.
Don’t break it.
Keep going with that.
That’s too mean.
He’s supposed to be an expert.
No, I love it.
Okay, fine, I’ll do it again.
Strap yourself in, baby.
We’re doing the science.
Ye, yea, yeah, science, science, science.
We’re doin’ the science, science.
I’m just gonna shoot a couple brain things.
Go for it.
Okay, [COUGH] let’s see.
Who’s having fun?
Think we’re good.
All right, good.
When I start getting those kale farts it’s gonna be real rough.
I only said that cuz BBG was right there.
Defiinitely a slower pace than last That’s a tongue twister, definitely a slower pace than what-
Definitely a slower place.
She [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] Tutorials, tutorials.
All right.
My bad, all right.
Three, two.
It can introduce errors into your DNA which can cause disease, disease, sease, sease, sease.
The ending is the hardest part to end where you don’t sound dumb.
I’m always like, super cool, check it out.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Sorry, one more time.
[LAUGH] It sounded so inauthentic.
It sounded what?
She was like, thank you so much, I hate you all.
Why did I have to do the kiss?
[LAUGH] One more time.
I liked the wording better and then I got carried away with the kiss.
I’m [UNKNOWN] Ryan and you are watching me swim on


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