K-beauty curator Ksisters has a pop-up at Tangs Orchard


SINGAPORE – Beauty e-commerce platform Ksisters was founded by South Korean Lee Jungmin in August 2016, who wanted to leave a special legacy for her two daughters by curating beauty products she loves, just like how she handpicks clothing for her girls’ closet.

Together with her team and consumer testers, they procure K-beauty products and test them before making the right selection, which then ends up on the Ksisters website. Jungmin, who moved to Singapore when her husband got posted here, first branched out into chic fashion wear for children, before expanding into her K-beauty curated shopping site.


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The writer fills up a beauty questionnaire at the counter. (PHOTO: Reta Lee/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

To reach out to consumers, besides her e-commerce site, she created a Ksisters Beauty Cafe in collaboration with Tangs Orchard, which you’ll have until 28 November to visit. At the cafe, to find out which multi-step skincare routine you need most, consumers will fill out a personalised skin analysis questionnaire, before receiving advice from the K-beauty experts on standby. At the launch of the cafe, I met with celebrity makeup guru Larry Yeo, who helped narrowed down my skincare woe: the need for radiant, glowing skin (besides the usual 8-hour sleep, he stressed).

Consumers will be able to choose from four new 4-step skincare kits – spanning from brightening, hydrating, acne, oil-control to anti-aging sets – with each set cutting down the usual ten steps routine to easier to digest prep steps.

Ksisters Brightening set. (PHOTO: Ksisters)

Dr. UnM Skinfocus Mela-proff cream is easy to apply, even at your work desk. It leaves a slight sheen on your skin once you rub it in, but it has a sticky after-feeling. (PHOTO: Reta Lee/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

In every kit, the four steps are narrowed down to cleanse, prep, treat and protect (thank you!). In my Ksisters Brightening Set, $153, there are five products that are included: Common Labs Dual Vita Purifying Cleanser, Common Labs Triple Vita Balancing Toner, Lavien Vita Toning Ampoule, Common Labs Ggultamin C Real Gel Mask and Dr. UnM Skinfocus Mela-proof Cream.

The four 4-step kits available. (PHOTO: Ksisters)

The remaining three kits are:

Ksisters Anti-aging set, $218.03, which contains Bonabella Teatree Purifying Mask, Bonabella 28Days Return Booster, Ceramine Pure Collagen Mesh Mask (3 sheets), Bonabella Intensive Repair Eye Cream, Ceramine Everlasting Tone Up Mist and Bonabella UV Water Shield Sunblock.

Ksisters Dry/Sensitive Skin set, $170, which contains IWLT Rice Oil Foam Cleanser, IWLT Hydrating Treatment Toner, IWLT All in One Glow Concentrate Ampoule and  IWLT Purifying Relief Soothing Gel Essence.

Ksisters Oily/Combination Skin set, $149.60, which contains BY ECOM Heartleaf Blackhead Cleaner, BY ECOM Heartleaf Poreless Water, BY ECOM Heartleaf Ampoule, BY ECOM Heartleaf Poreless Cream and BY ECOM Skin Pack Pad.

The Ksisters Beauty Cafe is located at Level 1 of Tangs Plaza and it runs until 28 November. For more information, log on to the website.



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