Silicone sponges are the homeware must have


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Is your washing up sponge looking a bit worse for wear? Can we suggest switching to a silicone alternative.

Porous sponges contain a multitude of bacteria and, because of the material, they can be harder to disinfect to ensure there are no nasties breeding. New bacteria grows on a wet sponge every 20 minutes, according to an expert.

This means the kitchenware or vegetables we are cleaning aren’t always getting a thorough clean.

What’s more a silicone sponge is more environmentally friendly, as they can last for months – even years – on end. They’re durable, too.

The best types of silicone sponges are ones that are BPA-free and FDA approved.

While some shoppers will want a silicone sponge with a handle for extra grip, others will be looking for a scrubbing brush with silicone bristles too.

We have found the best silicone alternatives for you to have a germ-free home.

Best silicone sponges for the home

Kuhn Rikon 20127 Stay Clean Silicone Scrubber from Amazon | £9.11

Best for: Everything! From washing the dishes and cleaning surfaces when wet to using as a lint roller to remove fluff from your clothes when dry – although preferably not the same sponge for both.

Five Piece Silicone Dish Sponge Washing Brush from Amazon | £2.29

Best for: Hard to reach areas. This set is ideal so you can have one in every room of the house.

Kochblume Silicone Universal Brush from Kuhn Rikon | £14

Best for: Removing stubborn residue on pots and pans as it has extra grip, but can also be used in the bathroom to clean the bath and toilet. Just make sure you use separate brushes.

Best beauty silicone sponges

Foreo LUNA Mini 3 Facial Cleansing Brush from Harrods | £139

Best for: An intense cleanse as the handheld device vibrates to unclog pores, but for also a massage to release any tension in the face. Plus, it lasts for months and months, so it is ideal to take on your travels too without any fear of the battery dying.


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