Working Title – Top Seven Dishes You Must Try!


Arab Street is known for being the hipper district of Singapore. Here you can find indie boutiques, street art, and of course hipster cafes with good halal food.

One of them is Working Title- a chill café and halal burger bar famous for its artisanal coffee creations and homemade gourmet burgers.

Not knowing what to name themselves, “Working Title” was used as an initial default title. But after six years of operations, that title has stuck since their opening in 2013!

Without further ado, we’ll let the man behind it all tell you more about his café and its food. Meet Calvin Seah, Co-owner of Working Title.

Clavin Seah from working title, burger bar at arab street

Co-owner Calvin Seah

With no prior experience in F&B, the café only sold coffee when it first begun. Calvin and his partners then decided to serve burgers because it was the easiest to prepare. But they did not slack off on the recipes! Using their imagination to create their own burgers and inspired by foods all over the world, Working Title has some of the best burgers in Arab Street.

To narrow down the menu for you, here are the top seven dishes Calvin recommends that you try at his café.

First dish – Truffle Tater Tots ($8.90)

Truffle tater tots with shave parmesan cheese

Truffle Tater tots

Here’s a unique twist on the usual Truffle Fries!

Not wanting to follow the bandwagon, they decided to use tater tots instead of French fries for this classic appetiser. And we are glad they did!

The crispy tater tots give an irresistible crunch in every bite and is exploding with flavour of earthy truffle oil. Topped with freshly grated parmesan, imported from Italy, this snack has kept customers returning for another round!

Shaved parmesan cheese on mini golden truffle tater tots

Freshly grated parmesan cheese!

Second dish – Ribena Wings ($9.90)

Fried wings with ribena reduction at working title

Ribena Wings

Contrary to the name, these wings are not just sweet, they are SPICY too! Inspired by a zi-char dish of blackcurrant ribs, Working Title revamped the usual fried chicken wings.

Coated in the house batter, the crispy wings have a slight spice to them which enhances the special reduced Ribena sauce that is liberally drizzled all over. Surprisingly, the flavour is well balanced and extremely enjoyable!

Who knew sugar could go so well with spice? (They did!)

Ribena reduction drizzled on spicy wings

Wings covered in ribena reduction

Third dish – Classic Burger ($12.90)

Classic beef burger from working title with a side of fries

Classic Burger

“Everything not special about it, makes it special.”

That’s a claim you can only make when you have perfected the most classic recipe. And every element of the Classic Burger at IS perfect.

Freshly ground patties, toasted brioche bun, melting cheese, and fresh crispy vegetables, everything is just done right!

So, if you are looking for great, non-fast food burger; you have to come to Working Title for this dish.

Freshly grilled juicy patty covered in cheese

Freshly grilled juicy beef patty

Fourth dish – Fluff Monster ($12.90)

Fluff monster, pancake stack with torched marshmallow fluff, drizzled with chocolate sauce and top with biscuits

Fluff Monster

Get your Instagrams ready for the Fluff Monster! One of the latest dishes of Working Title and it is clearly a signature dish like no other.

This pancake stake is no ordinary one. Three fluffy pancakes, each layered with Nutella, covered with torched marshmallow fluff and chocolate sauce, and topped with Speculloos bits; this dish is a sweet tooth’s day dream!

marshamallow fluff being torched to golden brown

Look at that marshmallow fluff!

Fifth dish – Cheese and Whiskers ($17.90)

Cheese and Whiskers, with 4 different types of cheese hammed into the burger with a side of fries

Cheese and Whiskers

A burger inspired by pizza?! Yes, please!

If you love cheese and watching it pull as you take a slice of pizza, this burger is for you. With 4 different types of cheeses used in this one burger, watch as you grow “whiskers” with every bite!

Little wonder why this is one of the most popular dishes in Working Title!

Different types of cheese in the burger, mozzarella, cheddar, and provolone cheeses

Different types of gooey cheese hammed into the burger!

Sixth dish – Tower of Power ($23.90)

Tower of power, with 3 layers of juicy beef patties and topped with tater tots

Tower of Power

So hungry that you could eat a whole cow? Well, now you can!

This show stopping burger has three thick and juicy beef patties, layered with cheese, and topped with caramelized onions and crunchy tater tots to give you all the fuel you’ll ever need.

Bring that one forever-hungry friend with you and enjoy demolishing this Tower together!

3 layered burger with tatter tots served with fries

Massively layered burger gives you the power that you need!

Seventh dish – Bandung Latte ($4.90)

Bandung Latte, unique singaporean drink

Bandung Latte

Not a dish but still a must-try when you come to the café. After all, they did start out specialising in artisanal coffees first!

Apparently, this drink was created for fun. But its popularity among the customers boomed and it is now a permanent item on the menu and the café’s signature drink!

bandung mixed with steamed milk, local favourite

Bandung concoction mixed with steamed milk

Now that you know the top seven recommendations from the owner, Calvin, which of these dishes would you be trying at Working Title?


Working Title

783 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198751

Tel: +65 8768 0463

Opening Hours: Sun to Thurs, 12pm – 10pm. Fri to Sat, 12pm – 11pm

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