Salman Khan tears up after completing 10 years as Bigg Boss host. Watch emotional video


Salman Khan wipes away a tear after watching his Bigg Boss tribute video. ()© Provided by Hindustan Times
Salman Khan wipes away a tear after watching his Bigg Boss tribute video. ()

He might occasionally threaten to quit the show, but that didn’t stop Salman Khan from getting emotional after he was shown a video honouring his 10 years as host of Bigg Boss. The promo video has been shared online by Colors, the channel that airs the reality show. 

In the video, Salman can be seen listening to Bigg Boss, who informs the actor that even though he has often expressed the desire to quit the show out of impatience, but everyone knows how important the show, and the memories he has made during the last decade, are to him. At the end of the video, Salman can be seen wiping away a tear, and saying, “Thank you, Bigg Boss.”

The video also shows numerous interactions that Salman has had over the years with celebrity guests on the show, including Madhuri Dixit, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.


Speaking to Mumbai Mirror in an interview, Salman had said, “Yeah, a part of mine wants to cut that part and throw it out and the other part wants to keep it. And the latter is haavi on the part that wants to throw it out.” Salman has been associated with Bigg Boss since 2011, when he hosted the show’s fourth season. When asked if he does not like the show, Salman said, “I like it. It gets stressful, but I learn a lot. And I get to know where the country is going, what is happening to values, morals, scruples and principles. We see it right there, with celebrities. The beauty is once they are out of the house, they are not like that at all. It’s not as if they are giving performances, the house makes them like that.”

In another interview, the actor had said, “Frankly, every year I feel like dropping out. Each year, I feel this is enough now but it has been a damn good journey, except for one or two contestants, who spoil everything. It is like you prepare kheer and someone sprinkles salt into it. They just mess things up, and more than that, they mess up their life which is the sad part of it. But it amazes me that I complete a decade on the show. So far, every time I think it is pushing too much and again, the next year happens.”

Salman was most recently seen in Dabangg 3, and has begun filming Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai, which is due out on Eid, 2020.

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