Salted popcorn, bergamot tea, black leather: 12 winter flavors


Salted popcorn, bergamot tea, black leather: 12 winter flavors

Long New Year holidays are very close. But before you go to sleep in home clothes, get acquainted with winter scents that will cheer you up and envelop you in warmth.

The collection of fragrances Haute Parfumerie, Celine (about 14 000 rub.)

Under the strict guidance of Edie Slimane, Celine launched its first fragrance collection in 50 years. Haute Parfumerie includes 11 catchy songs inspired by certain life stages of the creative director of the brand.

Saint-Germain-Des-Pr̩s takes us to Paris, Eau de Californie Рan ode to California and Los Angeles, where Edy lived ten years before returning to the French capital last year. A new boutique was opened there on the famous St. Honore street. Our favorite fragrance? La Peau Nue, inspired by films of the sixties with Catherine Deneuve and long nights spent in the legendary Bains Douches nightclub.

Fragrance Southern Bloom, Goldfield & Banks (14 900 rub.)

Southern Bloom is a tribute to the very rare Australian Boronia flower. The flowering period of boronium is very short and falls on September, the very beginning of the Australian spring. These flowers grow on the island of Bruni in Tasmania, the southernmost point of the Australian continent. The aroma of boronium is rich and dense, creates a feeling of soft enveloping velvet. This is one of the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world.

The fragrance of What About Pop, The House of Oud (16 650 rubles)

The House of Oud brand was born thanks to the friendship of Andrea Casotti, Italian perfume master, and Mohammed Abu Nashi, an oud producer from Jakarta. The duo's latest creation is What About Pop. It is dedicated to relaxing with loved ones, home parties in winter by the fireplace. The composition resembles warm crispy salty popcorn, which then turns into sweet caramel.

It is revealed by the flowers of a rare selenitereus cactus, which bloom once a year for only a few hours, and a creamy cream with vanilla essence.
Winter holidays, reserved holiday room with special people to breathe in silence and enjoy. Shelter, where we can plunge into soft chairs and be tempted by the aromas of desserts and savory foods, – this is how perfumer Christian Calabro describes the novelty.

The fragrance collection Night Veils Collection, Byredo (16 400 rub.)

Byredo updated its Night Veils collection, launched in 2015. Three memorable fragrances were re-released: floral Casablanca Lily (contrary to the name, the lily is not present there), oriental Reine de Nuit and leather Sellier (formerly called La Selle).

The trio of aromas came out in a more saturated concentration, so they will last longer on the skin. The purple-black onyx bottles gave way to festive red ones.

Perfumed stickers Do Son, Diptyque (3 400 rub.)

If you have sensitive skin that does not respond well to perfumes, try these fragrant stickers from Diptyque. The black satin material is filled with a subtle mixture of tuberose, jasmine and orange flowers – the perfect winter combination.

Eau de Parfum, Giorgio Armani Eau de Parfum (5,330 rubles)

Let's face it: winter weather can be depressing – no sun, only slush and dirt. But do not worry – a few "zilch" of this perfume with jasmine and gardenia will be transferred to the Mediterranean, even when it is dark, cold and mid-January.

Fragrance By the Fireplace, Maison Margiela (9 360 rub.)

These perfumes with pink pepper, clove oil, cashmeran and chestnut give the feeling that you are sitting next to the fireplace (hence the name), and evenly burning wood crunches in it. The fragrance is inspired by snowy winters in the alpine resort of Chamonix.

Cologne Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne, Jo Malone (4,100 per 30 ml)

Here is evidence that fresh and aquatic compositions are not only for summer. Wood Sage & Sea Salt is a mixture of wood sage and sea salt. The aroma reminds of the ocean and the coast blown by the winds.

The fragrance of Moon Carnival, Vilhelm Parfumerie (18 500 rubles)

A whole legend is associated with the creation of this fragrance. In Rio de Janeiro, there was a man who was madly in love with a dancer of unearthly beauty. When he got her attention, he wanted to share his feelings with the world. More than anything, his lover liked the aroma of a tuberose flower. He left Rio and traveled around the world in search of flowers with which he adorned the moon. For seven days and seven nights around the world, the Moon exuded tuberose. Since then, every year when this flower blossoms, the world famous carnival takes place in Rio de Janeiro in honor of the warm feelings of lovers.

In addition to the absolute of tuberose, the new one sounds chords of passion fruit and pink freesia, gardenia and a tiger orchid, as well as smoky vetiver, tonka bean and marshmallow.

Eau de Parfum Coromandel Les Exclusifs De Chanel, Chanel (about 18,000 rubles)

Coromandel is warm, spicy and sweet (though it doesn’t cause confectionery associations). Cote du Coromandel is the name of a French colony located in India. In the 20th century, all eastern exotic goods were shipped from Asia to France through this coast.

The Coromandel fragrance, released in 2007, is dedicated to the collection of lacquer screens that Coco Chanel had a weakness for, forcing them into their entire Paris apartment.

The perfumery composition of this fragrance consists of notes of enchanting ambergris, mystical incense, tarry benzoin and woody notes. Fresh citrus notes and the patchouli smell get along well with jasmine, rose and juicy orange. The train is woven from shades of vanilla and musk.

Fragrance Ombre Leather, Tom Ford (16 700 rub.)

This fragrance was originally released three years ago in the Private Blend collection. The limited launch was so successful that Tom Ford decided to leave it in a permanent collection. The composition opens with spicy notes of cardamom and saffron, the sound of which is complemented by floral accents of Indian jasmine.

The main chords of Ombre Leather, inspired by the desert, are leather (just like leather-bound books). But the notes of white moss and warm ambergris evoke the image of the sun-warmed canyon land. So you feel the aroma of hot stones and sand!

Perfumery water Winter Palace, Memo (21 080 rub.)

Like hot lemon tea with mint and bergamot leaves, Winter Palace is slightly tart, but without bitterness. At the same time, the fragrance is full of contrasts – it is as sweet as summer and spicy as winter. The fragrance is presented in a classic golden-black bottle, decorated with a majestic dragon.

The inspiration for its creation was China. Hence the notes of red tea, orange, mate and grapefruit. Such a mix of gong (vibration of an amber note), violin (acidity of bergamot oil) and piano (tea notes) – as perfumer Allenor Massenet said when she was asked how this composition would sound if it were a melody.


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