The Best Tiny Hacks of 2019


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Best of LifehackerBest of LifehackerWhether we’ve made a complicated recipe absurdly simple, illustrated how to survive a natural disaster, or explained a political crisis in terms even your great-grandma would understand, these are some of our favorite stories from the past year.

Tiny hacks may feel, well, small, but they can change your life in big ways. Here are the best little life hacks we published this year.

Throw Out All of Your Uncomfortable Underwear Right Now

by Alicia Adamczyk

You know what feels really good? Underwear that covers your entire ass and you can comfortably wear throughout the day. You know what does not feel good? Ruffles, buttons, clasps, most thongs, underwear that’s shrunken a bit too much in the dryer, etc.

Scrub Your Cast Iron With Aluminum Foil

by Claire Lower

Wadded up foil, along with hot water, is rough enough to scrape off stuck on food, but not so abrasive that it will strip off all of your seasoning.

Shared Beds Need Separate Blankets

by Beth Skwarecki

When we upgraded from a queen to a king sized bed, I kept my queen sized comforter. It lays perfectly across the bed without hanging over the edge, and at night it belongs only to me. (My husband prefers a light blanket or a sheet.)

Go to a Museum on Your First Date

by Alice Bradley

Our museum-going styles showed that we were fundamentally incompatible: one of us was fun (if flighty and impatient) and the other one was awful (if intense and deep).

The Best Size of Starbucks Coffee Isn’t on the Menu

by Nick Douglas

A Starbucks tall is 12 ounces; grande is 16; venti is 20. (The trenta—good lord—is 31 ounces.) You should order none of these. What you should order is a “short.”

SNL’s ‘Fashion Coward’ Is Actually Full of Shopping Hacks

by Virginia K. Smith

Being a fashion coward will save you endless wasted hours—and hundreds, if not thousands of wasted dollars—on clothes you never actually liked in the first place.

How to Get the Disney+ Bundle With Ad-Free Hulu

by David Murphy

Instead of buying the bundle, you’re going to want to first purchase a subscription to Hulu’s no-ads service ($12/month).

Make a Quick Bib for Your Kid With Press’n Seal Plastic Wrap

by Michelle Woo

If your child has grown out of bibs, and you don’t want to tuck a napkin in his shirt because there’s an 87% chance it will slip out or get soaked through, try this.

Use This Fitted-Sheet Hack the Next Time You’re Making Your Bed

by Josh Ocampo

After you’ve successfully covered your first corner, move to the diagonal corner for your second attempt. Fitting the diagonal corner isn’t going to cause the first one to pop free.

Always Look at Your Pay Stub

by Lisa Rowan

Check your hours worked, deductions for taxes and benefits, and other notations like accrued vacation time. The more you’re familiar with that’s normal on your paycheck, the better you’ll be equipped to call out discrepancies if they pop up.

What to Tell Your Kid Instead of ‘Five More Minutes’

by Michelle Woo

Tell your kids they can do whatever they’re doing seven (or more) times.

Only Pay for Amazon Prime When You Need It

by Lisa Rowan

Get it for just a month when you’re moving and know you’ll need lots of small odds and ends that are often hard to find at stores. Get it for a month when your car is in the shop and getting to the store is harder. Get it for a month when you order holiday gifts!

And then cancel it when you don’t need it anymore.

Finally, a Hack for Reaching Your Marmite

by Nick Douglas

Who could go a day without putting this savoury spread on bread, toast, savoury biscuits or crackers, and other similar baked products [NB: CHECK IF WIKIPEDIA IS SPELLING SAVORY WRONG OR JUST BRITISH]?

For dozens more, check out the Tiny Hacks archive.


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