£695 pair of heels said to be indestructible by designer


We’ve all ruined a pair of heels or two in our lifetimes.

Whether that’s through stepping in a big puddle or snapping the heel off by just walking along the road – it happens, ok?

Christopher Shellis clearly knows this about heel-wearers everywhere because he has spent the past five years developing the world’s first pair of indestructible stilettos.

The idea here is that you buy them once – at £695 a pair – and then you don’t have to ever buy another pair again because they’ll last a lifetime (assuming you like the shoes in the first place, of course).

The heels will “last a lifetime”. [Photo: SWNS]

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He says the shoes are made with an exoskeleton and reinforced with 11 stainless steel screws through the sole.

Christopher Shellis, who runs House of Borgezie, based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter has got quite the celebrity clientele, having previously sold shoes to Beyoncé.

She bought shoes from him before for a whopping £200,000. That £695 price tag isn’t looking too shabby anymore, is it?

“I’ve always been a shoe designer and I’m a great feminist. I think a nice pair of stilettos always empowers a woman. Heels are a very feminine thing.” He said when talking about his creations.

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With people coming to him for bespoke creations, Christopher was keen to make shoes that were more achievable for the everywoman.

“Everything I have made so far is out of reach for most people. I’ve always had an end game where I could make shoes available to the average woman.”

The price tag might be seen as quite steep, but the sustainability of the shoes is a key factor here.

“I know they’re £695, but the average woman in the UK over a lifetime spends £34,000 on shoes. They are guaranteed for life, bar any cosmetic damage.” Christopher said.

“The soles are indestructible as is the heel. The heel has can be replaced by any shoe shop, if needed, so the whole platform can’t deteriorate.”

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The way the heel is made is unlike anything sold before, so says Christopher.

“All heels have [sic] the same interior, they have got a ski slope stainless steel spine and a heel riveted onto that.”

“It’s an immovable, internal skeleton. Mine is an exoskeletal heel, on the outside. It’s totally different from normal heels.”

When designing the shoes, he also added 3mm of extra foam, so that they’re more comfortable than the average stiletto, too.

“They do have to look good but they have to support weight and be sturdy.”

“It is a world-first and women seem to love it. We have got an incredible response to the shoes. It’s been amazing.”

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