Charlize Theron loves life


Charlize Theron “really loves” her life.

The ‘Bombshell’ actress cherishes the fact she gets time to work when her kids Jackson, seven, and August, four, go off to school and thinks having a career sets a good example to them, though she always tries to “pull back” when she feels her professional life is overshadowing her time at home.

She said “Once my children go to school, I have hours to myself and I really love my life.

“I go to the office and develop projects and feel like that’s very me.

Charlize Theron posing for a picture© Bang Showbiz
Charlize Theron

“Growing up, I watched my mum go to work and that left a mark on me, so I want my kids to have that too.

“Like all single parents or any parents out there, I feel like you’re always trying to find the balance. I pull back when I’m working too much.”

And the 44-year-old star thinks being a parent has helped her have more patience.

She said: “Patience has come to me in spades since being a parent.

“Now I have these little creatures, I have to be patient.”

The ‘Long Shot’ actress has previously spoken of how she wants to instil good values in Jackson and August, who she adopted in 2012 and 2015 respectively, and wants to encourage them to “give back” to the world.

She said: “We talk a lot about being selfless and realising how grateful we should be for everything that we have. Therefore, it is our responsibility to give some of that back to the world and our communities.”


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